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Why are so many people starving to death?

  • October 12, 2020
Sam Campbell
Sam Campbell

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“Malnutrition in children just tripled.”

Our Guatemala partner recently shared that staggering statistic — and baby Karlita proves it.

Karlita’s family had no food. Her parents used to sell vegetables in the village, but the pandemic forced them to stop. The lockdown kept them from leaving their home, so the family went to bed hungry each night.

But you can help provide emergency supplies like nutritious food, formula, clean water, hygiene kits, and more to people around the world like Karlita and her mom and give them spiritual hope. And thanks to a $300,000 matching gift pledged by our Board members, every dollar you give will DOUBLE to help rescue 2X as many people!

Without proper nutrition, Karlita’s mother couldn’t produce milk for her one-month-old baby.

That’s why Karlita’s tiny body wasn’t growing. She had no nutrients. No vitamins or protein. And her parents had no way of helping her. Without any kind of job or income, they were out of options. Thankfully, Karlita received the help she needed at the Rescue Center run by our partners in Guatemala.

But there’s another child like Karlita who hasn’t eaten in days. Another family who’s about to go off to sleep with growling stomachs … not knowing if they’ll wake up in the morning. And another person dying from a preventable illness because he has no medicine.

Even hospitals and medical staff are desperate for supplies!

When you give today, you’ll help provide lifesaving aid like food, clean water, diapers, and medicine — even medical equipment for hospitals in developing countries. Plus, you’ll be showing people the love of Christ during this extremely difficult time, opening doors for the Gospel to be shared.

And you’ll male an even greater impact because every gift DOUBLES. Every $12 is now enough to help rescue TWO people in need around the world.

Your doubled gift will also help erase a projected budget shortfall caused by canceled fundraising events. Men, women, and children around the world were counting on the funds raised from those events to meet their urgent needs. You can make sure that help still arrives.

Please give what you can today. Out-of-work families in Guatemala are still raising white flags as a sign that they’re starving. Not only are impoverished families unable to afford food, but those in rural villages also have no way of getting to the store anyway. Curfews are in place throughout the country, and public transportation is suspended in many areas.

It’s not just happening Guatemala either. People around the globe are still struggling to survive this pandemic and its financial fallout.

But your doubled gift will help provide lifesaving food and other coronavirus relief while also showing someone how much he is loved by God.

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