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4 ways to pray for people living in Bible deserts

Blog Team
Sep 19, 2021

Imagine encountering someone who’s just stumbled out of the desert after being lost for days. They’re weak from dehydration. They’re disoriented and confused.

Someone who has had to go without the Living Water for most of their lives is in a similar situation. They need to be restored, they need direction, and they need your help.

People who’ve never read God’s Word live in places we refer to as “Bible deserts.”

A Bible desert is a place where there is little to no Living Water. Perhaps it’s North Korea, where God’s Word is extremely illegal. Or maybe it’s a remote village in Burundi, where families are too poor and live too far away to get their hands on a Bible.

Families who live in Bible deserts are thirsty for the hope of the Gospel. That’s why they need your prayers right now.

Here’s how you can pray for people living in Bible deserts:

1. Pray for persecuted believers suffering for their faith

In North Korea owning a Bible is against the law. And in places like China, being a Christian can hurt your social standing. That’s why believers must worship in secret through underground churches. In many countries of persecution like Iran, if a Christian is caught, they are often thrown into prison, tortured, and even put to death.

In these type of Bible deserts, Bibles are rare because they’re illegal. But believers will do anything to own a copy of the Bible for themselves.

Pray for the safety of persecuted believers who are willing to risk their lives for God’s Word.

2. Pray for people living in remote areas

People living in rural communities throughout Malawi, Uganda, and other countries around the globe don’t have easy access to God’s Word. Some villages are tucked so far away in the mountains that it takes pastors hours to reach them on foot.

In this type of Bible desert, these families rarely get to hear the Gospel let alone read it.

Pray for people living in remote areas who don’t have access to the Bible.

3. Pray for families who can’t afford a Bible

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, many people who were already struggling have been pushed deeper into poverty. Families are struggling to put food on the table and clothes on their children’s backs. Many are still out of work. They certainly have no extra money to buy a Bible.

In this kind of Bible desert, people need the hope and peace of the Gospel because they don’t know what tomorrow will hold. They just can’t afford to buy a Bible.

Pray that God’s Word would reach these men, women, and children who are spiritually hungry.

4. Pray for pastors distributing Bibles

No matter the Bible desert, when members of the World Help family provide copies of God’s Word, pastors and missionaries do everything within their power to get these Bibles into the hands of people who need them.

These brave men and women make it their mission to distribute God’s Word to communities that need it most. They even smuggle Bibles into dangerous countries like North Korea.

Pray for these faithful believers as they continue to share the Gospel with people in need.

It’s hard to imagine people being so thirsty for the Word of God. After all, most of our homes have numerous copies of God’s Word lying around.

But some believers and seekers have never even held a Bible before.

That’s why Bibles for All Ambassadors are so vital. They share the Gospel in these “spiritually dry” areas.

By becoming a Bibles for All Ambassador, you can do more than pray. You can help deliver Living Water to these Bible deserts by placing Bibles in the outstretched hands of people around the world each month. Click the button below to learn more.

And even if you can’t give, still pray for people living in Bible deserts.

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