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4 ways to pray for your sponsored child this summer

Sam Campbell
Jun 23, 2021

Ever since I was little, my family has taken a summer vacation together, usually to the beach. We pack our bags and pile into the van — but before we pull out of the driveway, we always pray.

For good weather. Safe travels. Those types of things.

This summer, your sponsored child could really use your prayers, too. Here are a few prayer requests to get you started:

1. Pray for your sponsored child to stay safe in the heat

The dry corridor of Central America is infamous for its lack of rain … and it’s currently experiencing one of the worst droughts of the past decade.

Many of our sponsored children live in Central America, Africa, and other areas along the equator. Last summer, one of our Guatemala partners said temperatures reached 115 degrees Fahrenheit! The scorching heat dried up water sources and destroyed thousands of acres of crops.

You help provide essentials like clean water for your sponsored child —which is an incredible need during the summer. But summer is still a dangerous time for many children.

Pray for your sponsored child to stay safe as he or she faces extreme heat this summer.

2. Pray for protection from the coronavirus

The heat isn’t the only thing your sponsored child is dealing with right now.

Many of our global partners’ schools and community centers have reopened since the coronavirus began spreading last March. However, the pandemic isn’t over.

Uganda just announced another lockdown, which means schools and businesses will close once again. And a second wave of coronavirus cases has been sweeping across South Asia, and Honduras over the past couple of months.

While the sponsorship staff is doing everything they can to keep your child safe, it’s still a scary time for many kids.

Pray for protection and peace over your sponsored child as the coronavirus continues to affect communities around the globe.

3. Pray for your sponsored child’s spiritual wellbeing

In addition to praying for your sponsored child’s physical health, make sure you take a moment to pray for his or her spiritual health, as well.

The good news is that quite a few churches are holding services once again. After a year of isolation, our partners can finally open the doors, welcome in guests, and share the love of God. Some programs will also be hosting Vacation Bible Schools this summer.

Of course, your child also gets to experience the love of God every day through your tremendous generosity and the care they receive from the sponsorship staff and teachers.

Pray for your sponsored child to grow stronger spiritually as well as physically.

4. Pray for your sponsored child to succeed in school

Finally, it may surprise you to know that some children around the world are still in school. Countries like Brazil, Thailand, and Peru take their summer breaks earlier in the year, so your sponsored child may currently be sitting in a classroom.

Click here to learn more about when different countries take their school breaks.

While your kids or grandkids are swimming in the pool this summer, remember that your sponsored child may already be studying hard or about to go back to school. He or she is striving to earn good grades. After all, a good education gives him or her hope for a better future!

Pray for your sponsored child to be able to focus on schoolwork and excel in his or her classes during the school year.

Your monthly gift of sponsorship is a huge blessing to your sponsored child. And you can be an even bigger blessing by praying for him or her throughout the summer, too.

If you’re not yet a sponsor, that’s okay! You can still pray for the needs of these boys and girls around the world.

But if you’d like to learn how you can help meet some of those needs, click the link below.

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