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5 questions you may have about child sponsorship — answered!

Megan Stoia
Jan 23, 2023


Are you looking to make a global difference in 2023? Do you want to make an eternal impact? Do you want to help somebody escape a life trapped in poverty?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you should consider sponsoring a child.

If you’re new to sponsorship, I’m sure you have a lot of questions running through your mind. Sponsorship is one of the best ways to change the world! And it’s not just a monthly financial gift — it’s a chance to begin a life-changing relationship.

You’ll not only support a child financially, but you’ll connect with them on a personal level. You will get to watch your sponsored child grow up and cheer them on every step of the way.

Are you hoping to learn a little more before making a commitment? We’ve got you covered! Here are the answers to the five big questions every new sponsor has:

1) How do I sponsor a child?

It’s easy! Head over to our child sponsorship page to see kids from all around the world that are available for sponsorship.

If you have a special child in mind, you can enter their ID number into the search bar.

sponsor a child today
When you sponsor a child, you’ll give them the help and hope needed to chase after their dreams

If not, you can browse through countless profiles based on age, gender, and nationality. You’ll learn about their hobbies, family, and what they want to be when they grow up. You’re sure to find a child you connect with!

Once you pick a child, you’ll add their sponsorship to your cart and proceed to checkout … it’s that simple! Then, keep a lookout in the mail for your special welcome package.

2) Do the funds I send go directly to my sponsored child?

We believe the best way to change a child’s life is through the work of our in-country partners, who work directly with the children and their families. That’s why your gift is sent to them first!

They understand the community’s needs and how to maximize the impact of your donation.

However, we can promise that your monthly gifts directly impact your child and ensure their needs are met. Your gifts help your child, their parents, and their community!

3) Can I write letters to my sponsored child?

Of course! In fact, we hope that you regularly keep in contact with your child.

A great way to build a relationship and share the love of Christ with your sponsored child is by sending letters. You can write about your hobbies, family, pets, job, favorite Bible verses, and more. Make sure to ask your sponsored child about themselves, too!

Some countries that are closed to the Gospel may require religious sensitivity when writing, but don’t worry. We’ll let you know if your child is in one of those countries.

Writing a letter is easy. Once you finish writing, mail your letter to the following address:

[Sponsored Child’s name and ID #]

c/o World Help Child Sponsorship Program

P.O. Box 501 Forest, VA 24551

And we’ll take care of the rest! This process will help your child receive their letters on time and protect your private information.

If snail mail isn’t your style, you can even send your child an email.

4) Why does my child have more than one sponsor?

Since this is an at-will program, sponsors can come and go at any time. To make sure your child has continual support, they can have up to two sponsors at once.

you can sponsor a child today
Through sponsorship, you’ll meet a child’s physical and spiritual needs

This accounts for any fluctuation in our sponsor base and provides stability for our partners’ programs and your child.

If you or your child’s other sponsor needs to step back, you don’t need to worry — their basic needs will still be met. This also helps to care for other children that are currently unsponsored.

5) Can I visit my child?


Check our trips page to see if one of our upcoming trips may provide an opportunity to meet your sponsored child. If not, you can also plan your own visit!

All you need to do to get the ball rolling is contact us to let us know you’re interested in planning a visit. Just let us know when and where you’d like to go, and what days and times you’d be available to meet your child.

Each trip will be handled case-by-case to determine if it’s possible to arrange a meeting.

I hope this answered your questions about child sponsorship! But if you have a few more, read through our FAQ page for more information.

If you’re ready to take the leap, you can begin your child sponsorship journey today.

By investing in a child, you can truly change the world.

Thank you. Please do not refresh the page while we process your transaction.