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Write to your sponsored child each month with these 12 topics!

Sam Campbell
Jan 09, 2023


My mom always jokes that she likes to have a “game plan.”

Before the week even begins, she already knows what she’ll cook for dinner each night. She maps out her weekend activities ahead of time. She makes a shopping list and figures out which stores she’ll visit in which order.

Basically, she’s always two steps ahead, which helps take away stress and uncertainty. And you can do the same when writing letters to your sponsored child!

If you aren’t sure what to write to your sponsored child, don’t worry — you can plan ahead. These 12 writing prompts will make sure you have a topic to write about every month this year.

Writing to your sponsored child helps build a relationship — and it’s easy!

January: Your New Year’s resolutions

This is the perfect time of year to share your goals and resolutions for the new year. Do you want to exercise more? Dig deeper into your devotions? Share those thoughts with your sponsored child! And be sure to ask them if they have any goals for the new year, too.

February: Valentine’s Day

Since Valentine’s Day is in February, write a letter to your sponsored child letting them know how much you love them. Even if it’s just a quick message, your caring words will mean so much to them! It’s a great opportunity to remind your sponsored child how much God loves them, too.

March: Your family

One of the best ways to connect with your sponsored child is by introducing them to your family. Write about them, share a photo, and ask your child if they have any siblings. Not only will your sponsored child enjoy seeing your family’s smiling faces, but they’ll also feel like they know you better!

A picture of your family will help your sponsored child feel more connected to you and your loved ones

April: Your pets

Kids love animals — no matter where they live. If you have a furry friend, tell your sponsored child all about it! To take your letter to the next level, you can even include a photo of your pet. Your sponsored child will love seeing them!

May: Your church

One of the best things about sponsorship is that you can directly impact your child’s spiritual well-being. As long as your sponsored child lives in a country open to the Gospel, share a lesson you learned from your pastor’s preaching this month or lyrics to a worship song that touched your heart. This is the perfect way to include Jesus in the conversation!

June: Your summer plans

When warmer weather is here and the kids are on summer break, take the opportunity to share your vacation plans! Let your sponsored child know how excited your family is for your upcoming trip, whether it’s the beach, mountains, amusement park, or some other destination. You may even want to wait to send your letter until you have some photos to include!

Your sponsored child will love reading about your summer adventures

July: Your hobbies

Do you like crafting or playing basketball? How about hiking, cooking, or reading? Whatever your passion is, tell your sponsored child all about it. And be sure to ask them what their favorite hobbies are, too.

August: Your job

Let’s face it — your job is a pretty big part of your life. So why not share it with your child? Many sponsored children have parents who work as farmers in rural communities. And thanks to your sponsorship, they can dream big about what they’d like to do when they grow up! They’ll love to hear about what a day looks like in the life of a nurse, teacher, or whatever your profession may be.

September: Your favorite foods

Who doesn’t like talking about food? Tell your sponsored child what your favorite dishes and snacks are, and be sure to describe all the yummy smells and flavors. Make sure you ask your child what their favorite foods are as well. It’ll be fun comparing cuisines from different countries!

Food is always a good topic of conversation

October: Your favorite Bible verse

Another way you can help your sponsored child grow spiritually is by sharing your favorite passage of Scripture. Write out the verse, talk about what it means to you, and discuss how it applies to daily life. You can even ask your sponsored child if they have a favorite verse or Bible story!

November: What you’re thankful for

When you’re preparing for Thanksgiving in November, take the time to tell your child what you’re most thankful for. You’ll probably list things like food, family, good health, and your job, but make sure to include your sponsored child, too! Tell them how special they are to you and how grateful you are to be their sponsor.

December: Your Christmas traditions

When you write to your sponsored child in December, consider sharing your favorite Christmas traditions! Whether it’s looking at Christmas lights, sipping a special hot chocolate, or reading the Christmas story in Luke 2, let your sponsored child know all the details. And be sure to wish them a Merry Christmas!

Christmas is a wonderful time to write to your sponsored child and let them know how much they are loved!

See? Now you’re all set for 2023!

Writing to your sponsored child isn’t hard … and it’s even easier when you’ve got a game plan.

If you’re a sponsor, consider making writing to your child each month one of your New Year’s resolutions. After all, you already have a letter waiting to be written each month!

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