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6 Months Later: Nepal—Rebuilding a Nation

Blog Team
Oct 26, 2015

Six months ago, we received harrowing reports of a 7.8 magnitude earthquake that tore apart an already impoverished nation, followed a few days later by another massive 7.3 quake.

We learned that in a matter of moments thousands of Nepali people had been killed and the number was steadily rising. Twice as many were seriously injured, entire villages had been flattened, and hundreds of thousands had been displaced.

Chaku church building

Half a year ago, the world watched as 8 million lives were changed forever . . . and you immediately rushed to help with prayers and support!

Take a moment now to watch this update video from Nepal.

Watch Rebuilding Nepal on Vimeo

The extent of destruction following the earthquakes was mind-numbing, but your compassion held our Nepali partners together in the midst of utter chaos and devastation.

In a matter of days, we were able to mobilize our partners to distribute life-saving aid throughout the affected areas, showing love to nonbeliever and believer alike.

It is a great joy to see the eternal seeds of the Word of God being planted in the hearts of many people through the scattered and displaced believers,” said our partner.

unload rice for sailung(Jhor) village (2)

Through the aid and relief you generously gave, our partners were able to do far more than share about their faith—they were able to give tangible evidence of it.

Your support provided immediate physical relief: temporary housing, blankets, nutritious food, medicine, hygiene items, and more . . . sometimes for entire villages of uprooted people. And your generosity allowed us to invest in permanent solutions: resettling communities, building several homes, rebuilding churches, as well as constructing and repairing schools.

Patrush Shrestha (one of our evangelists from Sailung) distributing rice to his villagers

Even from halfway across the world, your compassion has impacted the lives of more than 40,000 Nepali people.

We have also seen an incredible, eternal impact—10 new churches have been planted, and 900 people have become believers as a result of seeing the practical Gospel demonstrated to them.

“We praise and give thanks to the Lord for all He has done to bless thousands of people in need [with] aid and relief supply though the generous support from World Help,” our partner told us.


While we continue to see progress in the wake of this disaster, the road to recovery still remains daunting. As winter weather quickly approaches, it is crucial that aid and relief supplies are distributed to the thousands that remain in flimsy, temporary housing.

We must not forget our commitment to stand with our brothers and sisters and help rebuild a nation.

Please continue to remember Nepal in your prayers:

  1. Pray that necessary supplies and housing would be provided before winter hits. Housing and relief supplies could mean the difference between life and death for thousands of displaced Nepalis. 
  1. Pray that the civil unrest in the area will ease. Tensions are currently at an all-time high, further complicating the rebuilding process. 
  1. Pray for the provision of resources for the rebuilding process as a whole. Six months after the earthquakes, the media has long since moved on, and financial support has all but disappeared. Pray that God would continue to move in hearts to provide support for the Nepali people through the long and difficult rebuilding process.

Let’s not forget about this unimaginable tragedy as we continue to support our Nepali brothers and sisters as they bravely walk the road to recovery.




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