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8 perfect gifts for your family and friends

Rachel Godwin
Dec 12, 2016

There are less than two weeks until Christmas! And if you’re like most people, you’re probably still searching frantically for those last few gifts.

Panic no more.

We’ve got you covered with the perfect presents for everyone on your list. Best of all, each of these gifts will help people in impoverished communities.

Don’t forget to send an e-card during checkout so your loved ones know you transformed a life in their honor this Christmas.

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1. For your mom: The day you were born was one of the best days in your mom’s life. Give to Safe Motherhood initiatives in her name so expectant mothers in Ethiopia have the care they need and can experience that same joy.

2. For your dad: Your dad sacrificed so much to protect you and provide for you as you grew up. Now, you can honor him by helping a refugee father provide for his own family while they face terrifying circumstances.

3. For the kids: Children all around the world can relate to one thing: going to school. Help the children in your life connect with students in impoverished nations by allowing them to donate school supplies as part of their Christmas present this year.

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4. For the athlete: Have a friend who’s always looking for a pickup game or someone to discuss fantasy football with? Help him spread the gifts of sports by giving balls, nets, and other sports equipment to children in developing countries.

5. For the animal lover: For the guy or girl whose Instagram is filled with pictures of his or her pet, consider sending a goat to a family in need. Not only are goats wonderful companions, but they also provide vitamin-rich milk that helps fight malnutrition and can be sold for extra income.

6. For the fashionista: We all know at least one — that girl who always shows up to the holiday party with perfectly matched scarf and boots. Donate a sewing machine in her honor to help an aspiring seamstress start a business to support her family.

7. For the techie: You know your friend who loves introducing you to the latest technology? This Christmas, you can help him do the same for people in Cuba by giving digital Bibles on USB.

8. For the bookworm: Every bibliophile remembers the wonder of reading as a child, cultivating a passion for stories and learning that lasts a lifetime. Celebrate your book-loving friend by providing books for children in disadvantaged villages.

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? A World Help gift card is the perfect present for anyone on your list. Or search even more gifts by clicking below.


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