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A 4-pound promise from God

Kelsey Campbell
Feb 15, 2019

Each newborn is an amazing promise from God. Gazing at their tiny features while holding their snuggly bodies close, you begin to picture their bright future ahead.

Now imagine being the mother of a malnourished child who constantly cries from pain and hunger. Your motherly instinct is to feed your baby — but you are malnourished yourself. You are no longer capable of producing milk, and there is no money for food, let alone baby formula. You know your daughter needs to see a doctor, but you can’t pay for a visit.

This was how baby Hilda’s story began. And it started in a small, mud home high in the Guatemalan mountains.

When Hilda was 1 month old, she weighed only 4 pounds — half the size of a healthy newborn. Her mother was afraid her daughter wouldn’t survive if a miracle didn’t happen.

Thankfully, compassionate donors provided that miracle. Hilda was taken to the Guatemala Rescue Center where she received urgent medical treatment. Following her initial evaluation, the nurses immediately began feeding her the emergency food she needed.

Now both Hilda and her mother are healthy and thriving. But this couldn’t have happened without generous financial contributions like yours.

Because of your selfless giving, the lives of children like Hilda and other people around the world have been saved. Thank you!

God uses people like you every single day to impact the lives of others. Even though Hilda weighed only 4 pounds, she was still a promise from God. Her life is now full of possibilities because people from thousands of miles away chose to reach out a helping hand and rescue her.

Today, Hilda is chubby and happy; she coos and laughs like any other baby.

Her life has been restored and so has her mother’s hope for her daughter’s future.

When you decide to help rescue a child, you’re showing someone the love of a Father who rescued YOU.

Please consider helping rescue another child like Hilda today. You’ll be helping to save someone’s life and give a mother peace of mind.


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