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A 7-Day Guide to Praying for Your Sponsored Child

Rachel Godwin
Aug 03, 2016

You chose to be the one to invest in a child in need! You were so excited to receive their biography in the mail and maybe even displayed it in a special place to remind you to pray for them each day. You know prayer is one of the most powerful ways you can encourage them . . . but you have no idea how to begin.

Let’s face it: Praying for someone you’ve never met can be tough. It may be tempting to simply pray “God, bless my sponsored child,” but such prayers can quickly become repetitive and insincere.

This 7-day prayer guide will help you begin to pray more intentionally. Try keeping a notebook with a page dedicated to each day of the week. As you learn more about your sponsored child through updates and correspondence, you can add more specific requests to each category and note when prayers are answered.

Day 1: Pray for their spiritual growth

As part of the sponsorship program, your sponsored child regularly hears God’s Word. Pray they will be tender to it and accept Christ as their Savior. Pray they will grow into mature believers who stand up for what is right, demonstrate love, and boldly share the Gospel in their own communities.

Day 2: Pray for their family

If your sponsored child does not come from a Christian home, pray their parents and siblings will come to Christ as well. Check their biography and annual updates for other specific things you can pray for such as a sick relative or a parent who is desperately searching for work.

Day 3: Pray for their community

Do your homework and research the area your child is from. You can even start with the country profile and program description on the back of their biography. Is their country susceptible to certain natural disasters or diseases? How much of the population lives in poverty? As you learn more about their home, your prayers will grow more detailed and personal.

Day 4: Pray for their physical health and safety

Even with the best medical care, children frequently get sick. Pray your sponsored child stays healthy and recovers quickly. If they suffer from a physical or mental disability, pray for their continued care. You can also pray for your sponsored child’s safety as they walk to school each day or play sports with their friends.

Day 5: Pray for their emotional health

Many children in the program have faced unimaginable hardship in their lives. Your sponsored child may have been impoverished, orphaned, abandoned, or even abused. Pray that God will help them forgive those who hurt them and trust that all things are part of His perfect plan. Pray they will know they are loved both by you and their Heavenly Father.

Day 6: Pray for their education

Because of your support, your child has been given educational opportunities that can help them break the cycle of poverty and illiteracy that is so prevalent in developing countries. Pray they will take advantage of these opportunities and work hard in their classes. You can also pray for their teachers who dedicate so much time and effort to helping them succeed. 

Day 7: Pray for their future

Especially if your sponsored child is older, you can pray for wisdom as they make decisions such as what career to pursue and whether to attend college or vocational school. Pray they will become devoted spouses and parents who build strong, Christian homes. Above all, pray they will always seek God’s plan for their life and be driven to reach for their goals.

As you pray more intentional prayers for your sponsored child, you will find yourself drawing closer to them and closer to God as you watch Him answer. Don’t forget to write your sponsored child and ask if they have any special prayer needs. Share Bible verses or write out a prayer and send it to so they know how you are praying for them.

There is no greater gift you can give your sponsored child than to let them know you are supporting them not only with your finances but also with your prayers.


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