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A bedtime story that could cost her life

Emily Towns
May 13, 2019

As a little girl, I spent many nights reading with a flashlight under the covers. Immersed in the worlds I discovered within those pages, I never wanted to put the books down. As I flipped through the pages, I desperately hoped I wouldn’t get caught by my parents and told to go back to sleep.

Every night, Mi-Sun gathers her two young sons under the covers to read, too. Only, they aren’t reading just any old book — they are reading the Bible. As they read the stories, Mi-Sun does her best to keep her boys quiet. If they get caught, they won’t just have to go to sleep.

If they get caught, Mi-Sun will be sent to jail. She might even lose her life.

But Mi-Sun is so grateful to own one of the few Bibles in North Korea that she is willing to risk everything to read it. She knows many other people in her country and around the world don’t have the same opportunity. They would give anything to read God’s Word … but they have never had the chance.

When you become a Bibles for All Ambassador you can help give persecuted Christians across the globe the chance they have been waiting for. For just $25 a month, you will provide five Bibles each month to someone who has never owned one.

“In the beginning …”

We’ve changed Mi-Sun’s name to protect her because it’s dangerous to be a Christian in North Korea. Like many people in her country, Mi-Sun grew up never hearing the stories of Jesus. That’s because North Korea is a Bible desert where copies of God’s Word are illegal. She had no idea that there was a God who loves her, who had sacrificed everything for her.

Then, she got the rare opportunity to travel to China, and her life was changed forever.

“I met a teacher in China,” Mi-Sun said. “I learned that God created the world, He sent His Son to save us, and we are forgiven by His mercy. It was the first time I ever heard such facts.”

For Mi-Sun, the story of creation was almost too much to believe. How could she have never heard about this God? How could she have never heard about what Jesus did for her?

“I could not believe this when I first heard it,” Mi-Sun said. “But I saw the sincerity in the teacher’s words. So, I said to myself, ‘I want to believe what the teacher said. Yes, I believe.’”

After choosing to follow Christ, Mi-Sun felt something new — the peace and comfort of the Holy Spirit. She received a Bible of her own and began to grow stronger in her faith as she read it.

A journey home

Mi-Sun didn’t stay in China. It would have been easier; it would have been safer. But she knew she had to return to her family in North Korea. Thankfully, she didn’t have to go alone. Mi-Sun smuggled her new Bible across the border with her and felt God’s presence the entire way.

Although she made it home safely, Mi-Sun is still in danger. If she is caught reading the Bible or sharing the story of Jesus with others, she could be sentenced to many years in North Korea’s infamous labor camps. Christians who are sent to these camps are beaten, tortured, and starved. Few make it out alive.

But despite the danger, Mi-Sun is passionate about sharing the love of Jesus with those around her. Every night she reads stories from the Bible to her young sons, believing that God’s Word has the power to change their lives and the lives of all who live in North Korea.

The people of North Korea suffer under many restrictions. They lack religious freedom, political freedom, and social freedom. But because of Jesus, Mi-Sun has experienced a freedom unlike any other.

“I am completely free in this land, knowing my Father watches over me,” she said.

For Christians living in persecution, the truth of the Gospel has taken all fear out of prison, torture, and abuse. The Bible has truly changed Mi-Sun’s life, and that’s why she wants more copies of God’s Word. She wants to share them with others. But she needs YOUR help.

Bibles for All

When you become a Bibles for All Ambassador, you become an advocate for people like Mi-Sun. You will provide copies of God’s Word that trusted believers can distribute to people who have never owned one.

Every month, your $25 will help provide five Bibles in places like North Korea, Iraq, Cuba, and South Asia.

You will be an ambassador of Jesus, playing a key role in giving persecuted Christians their very first Bibles. And those Bibles, filled with God’s promises of encouragement and strength, will help them withstand any trial.

As they read God’s Word, they will become bold like Mi-Sun, willing to risk anything to grow in their relationship with Jesus and share the Good News with others. Because of your monthly commitment, people around the world will hear the life-changing news of Jesus Christ.

Become a Bibles for All Ambassador today and help God’s Word go into all the world.


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