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A Father to the Fatherless

Vernon Brewer
Jun 21, 2015

I’ll never forget that moment, several years ago, when my phone rang in the middle of the night.

A trembling voice on the other end was speaking so fast, I could barely understand the words. It was Pastor Kam, our partner from Nepal . . . something was terribly wrong.

He told me that Maoist terrorists had barged into his home, pointing guns and shouting threats. As Kam continued, the magnitude of his words began to sink in: “The terrorists told me to leave now with the children, and if we’re still here tomorrow, they will kill us.”


The children Kam was speaking of were 52 of our sponsored children from Grace Children’s Home . . . and they were absolutely terrified.

Through God’s provision, we were able to get Kam and the children to safety in the capital city of Kathmandu, where we eventually built a new Grace Home with the help of our supporters. Still, It was a glimpse of harsh reality—a reminder to me of the lengths our partners go to every day to continue reaching the helpless and the hopeless.

Tragically, the devastation from the April 25 earthquake has left the children of Grace Children’s Home—yet again—in a desperate situation.


The walls and foundation of the home (which also serves as a school) are crumbling and is literally on the verge of collapse. The 55 children in this program (90 percent of whom are former or future Children of the World choir members) have been sleeping under tents for weeks with little protection from the wind and rain. They are meeting regularly under a tarp to do schoolwork, but as you can imagine, this situation is less than ideal.

Watch this video to see the extent of the damage:

Watch From the Field in Nepal | Grace Home from World Help on Vimeo.

This Father’s Day, I want to invite you to give your dad something that will last—something that he will remember for years to come. Every gift given in honor of dads will enable us to rebuild Grace Children’s Home in addition to other family homes, schools, water projects, and much more.


Pastor Kam is not a biological father of any sponsored child . . . but he is a father nonetheless—one of the best I know. He provides. He protects. He sacrifices . . . even to the point of risking his own life for the children in his care.


This is just a small picture of God the Father’s love for us . . . His adopted children.

Join us today in making this Father’s Day unforgettable—both for your dad and for the children of Nepal.



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