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A gift at the top of a new Christian’s list

Kelsey Campbell
Dec 05, 2021

Imagine Christmas without the story of Christ’s birth.

What would be the point, right? Jesus is the reason for the season, but people living in places like South Asia don’t have access to the Scriptures.

But they want to learn more about who this baby Jesus is.

Unfortunately, many new believers around the world can’t afford or find a Bible to learn more. They live in Bible deserts and don’t have a copy of God’s Word to read about the virgin birth or any other part of the Gospel.

This Christmas, you can give someone the greatest gift: a Bible.

All it takes is $10 to place a copy of God’s Word in a person’s outstretched hands. You can shine the light of the Gospel in a darkened world. You can give hope to someone like Vandana.

Vandana lives in South Asia where being a Christian is dangerous. Her family is Hindu, and Vandana never wanted anything to do with Christianity.

But then Vandana got sick. Her illness was severe, and so a pastor came and prayed for her. Soon, Vandana got better, and she believed it was Jesus who healed her.

Unfortunately, Vandana didn’t have a Bible to learn about Christ and how much He loves her.

That’s why it’s so important to provide Bibles for people like Vandana — especially at Christmas. Today, you can give a Bible for only $10 to a person living in a Bible desert.

Now more than ever, people like Vandana need the hope of the Gospel.

One beautiful part of the Christmas season is that December is among the darkest months of the year. But that makes the Christmas lights and Christmas trees glow even brighter.

This is the perfect opportunity for the hope of the Gospel to shine even brighter, too! But first, people need Bibles

Please give someone the greatest gift this holiday season. Please give someone in need the comfort of God’s Word.

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