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A glass of water for Christmas?

Kelsey Campbell
Nov 07, 2018

Did you know most American families use more water during the holidays than any other time of year? Between all the extra holiday cooking and the massive piles of dirty dishes that accumulate after parties, our taps get turned on a lot. And, chances are, we don’t think twice about it.

Families in impoverished villages around the world would love to be able to walk over to the sink and get clean, clear water with the flip of a faucet. It could be one of the best gifts you can give this Christmas season.

In Los Bordos, Guatemala, not having clean water was more than an inconvenience — it was a serious threat to children’s health. Kids forced to drink and use dirty water experienced severe skin irritation and stomach issues.

“We have been suffering due to a shortage of water here,” Romero, a father in the community, said. “My children have been sick several times from diarrhea because there is not enough water to drink, much less for them to bathe or wash their hands.”

Without access to this vital resource, his children’s health continued to deteriorate and they started fall behind in school.

But thanks to generous donors who provided a well in his village, Romero’s children are now healthier and happier.

And this holiday season, you can help provide another person like Romero with the life-changing gift of clean water. All it takes is $15 to give one person access to clean water for an entire year.

When you provide one person in need with clean water, you refresh his entire future. For Romero, his life with clean water now might look something like this:

Romero’s children kick their soccer ball past their father’s thriving garden. As he watches his children play, he thanks God that they have been sick less frequently since the clean water arrived and have been able to spend more time in school.

Romero’s chest swells as he looks at his garden. Now that he can irrigate his crops with plenty of fresh water, his garden is flourishing, allowing him to feed his children healthy fruits and vegetables.

He knows his kids now have a better chance of growing up to be healthy and successful adults. And one day they might be able to break the vicious cycle of poverty.

Will you give $15 today to provide another person with clean water for an entire year?

For people in need, clean water means a longer, better life. And because water projects are often located near churches, they can help introduce people to the Living Water and eternal life, too.

That’s a truly powerful Christmas gift.

Click below to provide someone with clean water today. Or browse World Help Gifts to find dozens of ways you can transform a life during this season of giving.


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