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A home base and a starting place for the Gospel

  • December 07, 2019
Blog Team
Blog Team

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Pastor Gonzalo’s village had practically nothing.

There was no church in the community, and families had to walk miles to find a water source.

Gonzalo hated to see his neighbors struggling to get by. Then, generous donors transformed the village. They built a beautiful new church building and provided a well where people could easily access clean water that wouldn’t make them sick. Gonzalo praised God at this answer to prayer!

But there was one more need Gonzalo prayed that God would meet: a safe home for his family.

“Now my children have a place where they can play together,” Gonzalo said, “and my wife and I are happy because our children will have a safe and nice home.”

When someone in poverty receives such a transformative gift, it frees him to concentrate on earning a living instead of worrying about his family’s safety. And owning a real home instills a sense of pride that spills over into other areas of life.

“I feel very grateful to God because he has allowed my family to receive the most beautiful gift that we have imagined, and it is a house where we can share as a family,” Gonzalo said. “Receiving this home has inspired me to be a better father and to fight every day for the welfare of my family. I have no words to thank each person who worked to make this happen.”

By giving to those in need, you have helped answer the prayers of people like Gonzalo and give them a fresh start they never thought was possible.

You have truly helped make the world a better place … one person at a time.

Thank you for helping meet the immediate needs of people living in poverty. Not only have you provided aid for physical needs, but you have also helped spread the love of Jesus Christ all around the globe.

Want to help another family in need? Click the button below.

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