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A little generosity can have an incredible impact

Emily Towns
Nov 03, 2017

Amy Wellman watched as the Children of the World International Children’s Choir performed on stage at her church. During the performance, her young daughter Abbey turned and tapped Amy on the shoulder.

“Mom, I want to sponsor a child,” she said.

From the beginning, Amy and her husband Paul were passionate about cultivating a spirit of generosity in their two children. Each child received a regular allowance — with the understanding that part of the money would be set aside as a “gift for Jesus.” So her daughter’s request was not unusual.

“It was very important to us that our children be exposed to what’s going on around the world,” Amy said. “We wanted them to see the importance of giving financially and spiritually to those who need our help. We wanted to show them that we should be helping people no matter where they live.”


After the concert, the Wellman family made their way to the World Help booth. While Abbey decided on which child to sponsor, Amy picked up a few brochures.

Before she was married, Amy went on a summer missions trip to the Philippines where she helped build a church. That trip left a lasting impact on her, and today, she and Paul make giving to international projects a priority.

“You don’t need a lot of money to start giving,” Amy said. “I didn’t grow up in a family with extra money, but I raised my own money to help build that church in the Philippines. We’ve taught our kids that everyone can come up with a few dollars to help someone in need. And no one will ever regret giving an extra ounce of compassion.”

Her husband, Paul, echoed her passion for helping others: “People always say, ‘It’s not equal giving; it’s equal sacrifice.’ And that’s right! Whether you give $15 or $1,500, you’re helping. You can’t do it all, but you can start somewhere.”

Paul began to research World Help, and together he and Amy decided to sponsor a clean-water well. Then another … and another. After donating the funds for six wells, they decided to expand their reach and find even more ways to help people in need.

“We are passionate about three things in particular: water, medical aid, and churches,” Amy said. “You have to nourish a person’s body and their soul.”

Paul and Amy heard about the need for a maternity clinic in Cyangugu, Rwanda.

“As a mother, it was a project I could relate to,” Amy shared. “So many women and children die every year from a lack of proper medical care. I knew we could help.”

The maternity clinic that the Wellman’s funded is now open, helping women and children around Cyangugu survive and thrive. The mothers and babies of this village and the surrounding areas now are receiving excellent medical care while also experiencing the love of Christ. And that is what the Wellman’s wanted — a place that meets people’s needs on every level.

“Everyone needs something, but so many people around the world have no one to help meet those needs,” Amy said. “When we meet their needs, we open up an avenue to share the love of Christ.”

Paul noted that it’s not the amount you give that matters, but rather a spirit of generosity. “Just do what you can,” he said. “We want to foster the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth and open people’s eyes to the love of Christ.”

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