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A small sacrifice with a BIG impact

Emily Towns
Aug 01, 2018

As you read this, a little girl in northern Nigeria is wondering where her next meal will come from — or if it will come at all.

Of course, she’ll probably give most of it to her younger siblings. Ever since her country started experiencing famine, she’s made sure her brothers and sisters get to eat first.

Sacrifice is a familiar concept to children living in Nigeria, Syria, Uganda, and other countries facing a hunger crisis.

One of the first things they learn to sacrifice is taste. Whether something tastes good hardly matters when it’s the only food you have available.

Some families are forced to take turns eating meals since there isn’t enough to feed everyone each day. In extreme cases, some children have even had to sacrifice a beloved farm animal or pet to survive.

The youngest children are especially susceptible to starvation. Hunger leaves them sick and weak; in fact, malnutrition is linked to nearly half of all deaths of children under 5.

Children struggling with extreme hunger have swollen and aching bellies, painful sores, and illnesses that just won’t go away — all because of lack of food. These children are slowly, painfully starving … and their futures are slipping away.

But by making a small, simple sacrifice of your own, you can feed a starving child for an entire year! All it takes is $40 to provide food for one boy or girl for 365 days.

What would it take to carve $40 out of your budget?

It may be easier than you think:

• You can pack your lunches for the week rather than grabbing takeout.

• Or cut back on your number of stops at the local coffee shop.

• Maybe you can have a family game night rather than going out for a movie.

Today, will you make a small sacrifice so that a starving child doesn’t have to?

For $40 — less than 11 cents per day — you can provide one child with enough nutritious food to last him an entire year. That’s less than the cost of three movie tickets, two rounds of bowling, or dinner for two at a nice restaurant.

What you spend in just one night can save a child from starvation for a year.

Your generosity will help improve a child’s physical, mental, and emotional health, giving him a chance at a better future.

It doesn’t take much to stand with a child in need for an entire year. Please give today and save a life.

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