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Feed a starving
child for $40

A child is starving, on the brink of death. But YOU can help save his life. That means for less than 11 cents a day, you can feed one child.

For $40, you can feed a starving child for an entire year.

Hunger Crisis


Minimal FoodFamine

One in every 5 children in this extremely impoverished nation is malnourished.

Since the war began, food production has declined by 40 percent.

Ongoing conflict has left 5.1 million children in need of food and basic necessities

7 million people risk starvation in areas of Nigeria most affected by Boko Haram.

15 percent of children in Zambia are underweight due to not having sufficient food.

Unpredictable droughts and floods have destroyed crops and livestock across the country.

Ugandan refugee camps are home to many orphans from South Sudan, where violence and famine have cause more than 40 percent of the population to flee.

When a child doesn’t have nutritious food, his belly is swollen and hurting. And when a mother doesn’t have enough food for all her children, she is forced to decide which of them will eat. This story is all too common, especially in sub-Saharan Africa.

Children under age 3 are the most susceptible to death due to famine, drought, and malnutrition. And one in every four children suffers from stunted growth as a result of malnutrition.

But for $40, you can feed one child for an entire year.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does war and violence affect food scarcity?
During wartimes, shipments of food can’t make it through blockades or rubble-filled streets. Farmers often abandon their crops as they flee to safety, and farmland can be destroyed by bombings. Some militias will hoard food and gouge the prices for local residents, making it nearly impossible for them to feed their families.

How does food scarcity affect local economies?
When drought and famine plague communities, crops and livestock die. And when local farmers have nothing to sell, entire economies suffer. As the supply of food decreases, prices increase. People stop buying other goods and services so they can afford basics like bread. With fewer customers, business owners struggle even more to feed their families.

So what do people eat during a famine?
Many people are forced to eat unimaginable things just to survive. Some resort to eating grass or plants. Parents will often make an edible paste out of cornstarch and water. In war-torn countries in the Middle East, some have even boiled cardboard to eat. Of course, none of these options provide the nutrients families need to stay alive.

What types of food will my donation provide?
One of the main foods your gift will provide is fortified rice that includes added vitamins and minerals. You will also help send nutritional supplements specially designed to help children fight malnutrition.

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