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Meet Aasha | Children of the World

Meet Aasha

A 9 year-old girl from Nepal, who dreams of becoming a tailor.

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Nine-year-old Aasha is from a remote community nestled deep in the mountains of Nepal. Before joining a local World Help sponsorship program, Aasha’s world was crumbling under the weight of heartache and tragedy.

Her brother Sanju was injured in a horrific accident, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down. While Sanju struggled to endure countless medical procedures, the health of another family member—Aasha’s and Sanju’s father—was declining rapidly from an aggressive type of cancer. He passed away last year, leaving behind a wife and four children.

Aasha’s mother struggled daily to provide for her young ones while caring for Sanju around the clock. The future of the family was dreadfully uncertain.

Now a part of our sponsorship family, Aasha and her siblings have new hope for the future. Although she misses her father terribly, Aasha has found love and belonging through the connectedness of the sponsorship community. The first thing people notice about Aasha is her remarkable strength, undoubtedly stemming from the love she carries in her heart for her family.




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Aasha is a part of Children of the World this year and is just one example of how sponsorship is transforming the lives of children with help for today and hope for tomorrow. Sponsorship changes a child’s story forever and we invite you to join more than 12,000 people, just like you, and sponsor a child today!


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