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Add livestock to your grown-up Christmas list

Melissa Schultz
Nov 07, 2016

Imagine you can give a gift that will impact everything from physical well-being to economic opportunity and gender equality.

The good news — you can!

Your gift of chickens, pigs, or goats can be a game-changer for disadvantaged families around the world. Why not empower a family this Christmas?

Choose your gift today:

  • Chickens

Chickens provide essential protein, and surplus eggs can be sold as a dependable source of income. Chickens also provide nitrogen-rich fertilizer that can bolster small family gardens in a big way.

  • Pigs

Not only are pigs a great source of protein and fertilizer, but they can live 10-15 years and produce up to four litters annually. That’s a gift that keeps on giving!

  • Goats

Did you know a goat can produce nearly 1 ton of milk in a year? Their nutrient-dense milk provides calcium, protein, and vitamins for undernourished children, plus any extra can be sold for a healthy profit.


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