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Advent: the season of expectation

Kelsey Campbell
Dec 02, 2017

Like a child awaiting Christmas Day … like a mother awaiting the birth of her child in a stable … like the world awaiting a Savior — there are so many people in our world expectantly waiting for change.

Advent is the season of expectation. Every day we draw closer to Christmas, hopes rise and joy overflows. And this Advent season, we hope you’ll count down the days of expectation with us.

Each day prior to Christmas, we’ll be highlighting a way you can change a life through World Help Gifts.

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Yesterday, to kick off the countdown, we focused on one of the most transformational gifts you can give — clean water.

Think of the joy on a child’s face as he opens the present he’s been hoping for all year. By giving the gift of clean water, you give that same joy … and more!

When a village receives a well or a clean-water project, the children can’t wait to splash each other, and the women often dance with delight. Their prayers have finally been answered.

Clean water is an essential part of life. It means healthier children — children who are able to spend more time in school. And well-educated students can grow up to radically change their impoverished communities.

What gift could be better than to free someone from the chains of poverty?

And all it takes is $15 to provide clean water for one person for an entire year!

This Advent season, as our hearts overflow with the love of Jesus, make room in your heart for those who are suffering. Giving a gift such as clean water can spark a new life for one person. It also will ignite hope like an Advent candle illuminating the darkness.


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