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Advent: the season of miracles

Kelsey Campbell
Dec 08, 2017

The arrival of guests you didn’t think could make it for Christmas … a sick family member being able to leave the hospital for the holiday … the sudden arrival of extra funds during a tough financial season … peace among family members where there’s usually tension.

Christmas is a time for miracles.

It’s a time of celebrating the greatest miracle of all — the birth of our Savior.

And by giving a life-changing gift this holiday season, you can be part of a Christmas miracle for someone in need.

At the heart of every miracle is transformation in hopeless situations. And if you’ve been following our Advent calendar on Instagram, then you’ve seen just how transformative one gift can be. Each day on our Instagram story, we’re counting down the days to Christmas while highlighting different gifts in the World Help Gifts catalog.

On day four of our Advent calendar, we shared about Rescue, one of the many gifts you can give that will change a life forever.

Meet Mariella. She’s a living, breathing miracle because someone gave her the gift of rescue!

Mariella’s mother­, Dylcia, was only 16 years old when she gave birth. As a malnourished girl herself, Dylcia couldn’t produce breast milk to feed her newborn daughter.

Mariella weighed just 3 pounds when she arrived at the Rescue Center in Guatemala. Quickly, the nurses and doctors rushed to her aid. Since Mariella was unable to eat from a bottle, they attached a feeding tube so she could receive the nourishment she needed. The nurses also treated Dylcia and helped her begin producing milk.

Despite the obstacle of poverty, Mariella is improving. She has gained weight and she is growing healthier every day.

Without someone providing the gift of rescue, Mariella and Dylcia wouldn’t have received the vital care they both desperately needed. They wouldn’t have made such a miraculous recovery.

For many, miracles often seem hard to come by. But Christmas is a season of hope and a season of transformation! Will you give the gift of a miracle to someone in need … someone like Mariella or Dylcia? All it takes is $50 to help rescue a baby like Mariella.

Not only will you be sending help and hope, you’ll be contributing to a Christmas miracle.

And for the rest of this holiday season, be sure to keep following along with the World Help Gifts Advent calendar on Instagram. You’ll be able to learn more ways to give the gift of joy and hope this Christmas season.


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