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Beatriz deserves a future

Kelsey Campbell
May 08, 2018

The moment that Florinda looked into her daughter’s eyes for the first time, she fell in love. Beatriz was small, but Florinda knew she couldn’t afford to feed another child. She could barely feed the ones she already had.

Florinda and her husband work tirelessly to provide for their children. But on their small income, they struggle to afford nutritious food. Florinda’s own undernourished body doesn’t produce enough milk for Beatriz, and they don’t have enough money for formula. .

At 7 months old, Beatriz weighs just 4 pounds.

And, unfortunately, there’s nothing her parents can do to save their daughter from wasting away.

Beatriz is a child like many others who are suffering from severe acute malnutrition. Her limbs are frail, with parched skin stretched over her thin bones.

Her young life has already been full of pain. And, without medical attention, there’s very little hope of her growing larger than a premature infant before she dies.

She’ll never learn how to walk — her legs are too fragile. She’ll never say her first words — she’s far too weak. Without help, Beatriz will never grow up to be a little girl — let alone a woman.

Florinda hopes the day will never come when she holds Beatriz in her arms and watches her take her last breath.

Today, you can help makes sure someone like Beatriz’s mom never has to know the pain of losing a child to malnutrition.

For $50, you can provide a child with emergency nutrition and a medical evaluation. Your gift will help allow that child to eat, grow, and live to see tomorrow.

Beatriz is so much than just another little girl living in poverty in a country far away. She — like every child — is a precious soul created by God who deserves to have a future.

There’s hope for children suffering from malnutrition! But first someone has to step in and help. And that someone can be you!

Give today and you’ll be helping save a life!


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