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Best monthly subscription of 2020? How about one that saves lives?

Kelsey Campbell
Jan 21, 2020

Subscription boxes have blown up in popularity over the past few years, prompting a flood of articles such as “The best subscription boxes of 2020” and “29 subscription services you didn’t even know you needed.”

It can be fun to sign up for a monthly fee and receive a surprise at your doorstep each month — whether it’s a book, makeup, or snacks from other countries.

But did you know you also have the option to sign up for a monthly subscription that will help deliver life-changing aid to people around the world? By signing up to become a World Help monthly donor, you will rush aid where it’s needed most each month, helping save lives.

Who will my monthly gift help? 

Do you remember your lowest point?

Maybe it was battling depression, overcoming a miscarriage, coming face-to-face with cancer, or losing a loved one.  No matter what your most trying days were, you probably lost hope and felt completely and entirely alone.

In those circumstances, we usually can’t get up on our own … we need some else’s help.

Right now, there are people in this world who are living at their lowest point. A mother in Guatemala has already watched one child starve to death, and now she has no idea how she’ll feed her newborn.

A father, who has done everything in his power to provide for his family, has seen their home destroyed by a devastating hurricane. His family is homeless, and it’ll take years for his community to recover.

In South Asia, a girl was beaten within an inch of her life because she and her family are Christians. Her attackers took the family’s Bibles, and she’s worried she’ll never hold a copy in her hands again.

When you subscribe to give monthly where it’s needed most, you’ll be showing up and helping people living in situations just like these. You’ll provide emergency essentials like food, medical care, disaster relief, Bibles and other aid for the persecuted, and more.


What are the benefits of giving monthly?

1. It’s easy!

Between work, kids, and getting dinner on the table, life can be hectic. And sometimes things like getting your oil changed, going to the dentist, and mopping the kitchen floor get put off longer than they should. But charitable giving is one thing you don’t have to worry about forgetting.

After you subscribe as a monthly donor, your payments will be made automatically so you don’t have to remember to send in a gift every month … allowing you more time to focus on other important aspects of your life.

Enrolling in monthly giving is also a great way to practice discipline in your budget, as one young couple recently noted. Sometimes the temptation may arise to skip a month or two of giving to others because it is inconvenient or something else comes up. But by enrolling in automatic payments, you’ll be making the decision to stay committed to helping rescue people in need, no matter what.

2. You make sure help is available quickly

After Cyclone Idai tore through Zimbabwe, local families were left with nothing. But thanks to generous donors, lifesaving aid arrived just in time. When you sign up to give where needed most, your gifts can be automatically directed to help people experiencing an unexpected tragedy. They won’t have to wait for help!

Where needed most” covers a lot of bases. Your gift can provide emergency food to children who are starving during a famine. It can provide urgent medical attention for wounded refugees fleeing violence. Or it can send generators and building supplies to families whose homes were damaged in a hurricane. No matter where your gift goes, you’ll play a part in helping families in dire circumstances.

3. You’ll help share the Gospel

By meeting people’s urgent physical needs, you will establish a relationship of trust and show them the love of Christ. When they start asking why someone on the other side of the world would care about them enough to help, our local partners who distribute the aid you provide are able to share the Gospel and point them to Jesus.

In this way, you are giving them more than just immediate help for today … you are introducing them to a hope that is eternal.

4. You’ll receive less mail

One added benefit of subscribing is that you won’t receive as many letters and emails from us asking for one-time gifts. We’ll already know you’re committed to helping where needed most every month. That means a cleaner mailbox for you and less paper to throw away or recycle. It’s a win-win.

That doesn’t mean you’ll never hear from us again, though. You’ll still receive regular updates about how your gifts are making a difference, which we’ll discuss next.

5. You’ll get to read stories of your impact

Each month, you will receive an update containing the personal story of someone who has received life-changing help thanks to the generosity of you and other faithful donors. You may learn that you played a part in rescuing a baby who needed emergency medical attention, discover the testimony of a girl introduced to freedom from the sex industry, or read a quote from a persecuted Christian expressing his deep thanks for his new Bible.

These updates will help you put a face to your giving and be a clear reminder that you are doing so much more than just sending money each month … you are helping save lives.

6. Your giving adds up

Eight dollars is all it takes to impact one life. And if you choose to give a little more — say $24 — that’s three people you’ll impact through gifts like food, clean water, and medical care each month. You can help rescue 36 men, women, and children over the course of the year!

Your giving will add up to make a huge difference in the lives of others.

But your gifts can’t add up if you don’t start somewhere, so click the button below to subscribe today. You’ll be helping to change the world — one person and one month at a time.

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