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Kelsey Campbell
May 10, 2019

Before Cyclone Idai made landfall in Zimbabwe, help was already on the way.

When generous donors contributed to help ship lifesaving aid to Africa, they had no idea that the container they helped send would arrive just a short time before Cyclone Idai struck.

The shipping container — filled with food, baby care kits, and hygiene items — ended up helping save the lives of people left homeless because of flooding and landslides.

Josh Brewer, director of humanitarian aid at World Help, thanked the generous contributors, and God’s providence, for the help arriving just in time:

“[The] supplies we sent to Zimbabwe were able to be used in response to Cyclone Idai, which has ravaged hundreds of farms and homes and displaced thousands throughout the eastern part of the country. World Help was able to be on the ground and ready to assist in the country’s greatest moment of need with essentials such as food and hygiene kits.”

Most people think that shipping relief items means helping ongoing situations like famine or drought. But did you know that shipping can also be preemptive — keeping situations from turning deadly? For example, numerous refugees have commented that food shipments arrived in their displacement camps right when food rations ran out.

“Over the years, we have seen countless examples of the Lord’s provision,” Josh said. “And we are often astounded at how He works the timing and logistics of our containers out perfectly.”

Regardless of the circumstances, you are helping save lives when you donate to ship supplies. And every $1 you give ships $33 worth of medical aid, nutritious food, and more to communities in need.

That means your gift multiplies 33X!

And your gift makes a difference in more ways than one.

“Our program not only meets people where they are, but it sets the stage for spiritual transformation,” Josh said.

While our partners on the ground distribute the aid you helped ship, they’re sharing the love of Jesus with every person they encounter. And when people’s physical needs are met, they are more open to hearing about a Savior who cares for them.

Right now, we have a warehouse full of more items that need to be shipped. Will you help get them to the people who are suffering without them?

These emergency supplies like food, medical equipment, hygiene kits, and clothing don’t help anyone just sitting in our warehouse. But you can make an eternal impact in someone’s life by sending them to the men, women, and children who need them most.

And since your gift multiplies 33X, even a gift of $30 can make an incredible difference — shipping $990 worth of medical aid, nutritious food, and more to people in need and giving them an opportunity to hear the Gospel.

Your gift will arrive at the perfect time for someone in need, and you will be helping save lives around the world.


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