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Bibles for All Ambassadors remind refugees they aren’t alone

Emily Towns
Apr 30, 2019

Alma sat alone in the hospital, holding her newborn child. As she looked at her baby, Alma wondered what would happen to them next. Her husband had recently abandoned her, and she had no one else to call. She was alone and scared, far from her home in Syria.

Alma is a refugee living in Greece, and we’ve changed her name to protect her.

After giving birth, Alma didn’t even have anyone to drive her back to the refugee camp. She had few friends in Greece, and her only family around was the tiny infant.

But then, help arrived. And Alma was introduced to God’s Word, too, thanks to Bibles for All Ambassadors who provide Bibles around the world, giving believers and seekers their very first copy of God’s Word.

Bibles for All opens doors in places like Greece

When people fleeing violence arrive at a refugee camp, they come bearing only what could be carried on their backs. This means that essentials like medicine and hygiene items are left behind. And because the camps are so crowded, there aren’t enough supplies to go around.

Often, no ambulances are available to come to the camps. If refugees are injured or pregnant women need examinations, they have no way to reach the doctor. When our partners in Greece heard about the need, they offered to help.

Now, when individuals need to go to the hospital, they can call our partners for a ride. And those car rides are the perfect opportunity to share the Gospel.

“Everyone who gets inside our cars takes a copy of the Arabic New Testament,” our partner said. And one of those Bibles made it into the hands of Alma.

Our partner got the call that Alma was alone in the hospital, and he and his wife immediately went to pick her up. As they drove the new mother back to the refugee camp, they shared the Gospel with Alma. She was so moved by their help, that she agreed to take the New Testament they offered with her.

Why Bibles for All matters

When Alma opened up God’s Word for the first time, she encountered a life-changing truth — that the God who sent His Son to die on her behalf is always with her. He loves her, and even though her home was destroyed and her husband abandoned her, she is never alone.

That’s the kind of impact you can make as a Bibles for All Ambassador when you provide Bibles around the world. She would never have known Christ’s love if she hadn’t received that Arabic New Testament on the way home from the hospital.

And she’s not the only one who has been impacted. Because of these Bibles, our global partners have been able to share the Gospel with many men and women in their greatest moment of need. When they believed all hope was lost, they found new life in God’s Word.

Every month, Bibles for All Ambassadors help send God’s Word into places like North Korea, China, Rwanda, Cuba, South Asia, and more.

These places are Bible deserts — countries and communities where Bibles are either illegal or extremely scarce. But thanks to generous donors, these Bible deserts are beginning to be flooded with the Word of God.

Still, the work is not finished yet. Our partners are struggling to keep up with the constant demand for more Bibles as they share the Gospel with those who have never heard. Will you respond and help provide Bibles for All?

Click below to learn more about how you can become a Bibles for All Ambassador today and share the Gospel with 300 people this year alone.


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