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Bibles for Refugees: Bringing Hope into the Chaos

April Stumme
Jul 31, 2016

Most days, I wake up at seven and check my phone immediately, swiping past the Bible verse that serves as my lock screen picture.

I put my phone on the nightstand next to my Bible and wander to my kitchen where I have yet another Scripture on a plaque on the wall. And as I eat breakfast, I check email where I read a daily devotional from one of my favorite bloggers. Even in the car on the way to work, a radio DJ mentions a Bible verse he read that morning.

I am so surrounded by the Word of God everywhere I go that I hardly notice it anymore.

But what if one day I woke up without any access to the Bible at all?

This is the reality for many Christians around the world today. Those who have found hope and encouragement in Christ are seeking the blessing of knowing Him more. But they are lacking one vital ingredient—a Bible.

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You’ve already changed this narrative for millions of people worldwide. In fact, you and many other supporters have provided more than 9 million Bibles to individuals around the world. We hope and pray you’ll continue to give Bibles to individuals who would not have one otherwise.

Your faithful support is helping fill an incredible need. Many Christians around the world have been blessed by you, and many more stand in need of a similar blessing, some now more than ever before.

The need for the hope of Jesus is always strongest where situations are at their worst. The refugee crisis in the Middle East is an excellent picture of this. Many of the refugees were already Christians when they were forced to leave their home countries, and many more have become Christians since leaving. In a time of desperation, many have turned to Christ for salvation and eternal hope.

Despite their love for Christ, these refugees are almost always without Bibles. Many were forced to leave their Bibles behind when they fled, or have never even owned a copy of God’s Word, and most lack the resources necessary to purchase one.

One refugee woman, who was given a Bible, shared her testimony of its transformative power in her life:

World Help_Bibles for Refugees

I spent my life in only satisfying myself with materialistic things . . . but after Jesus met me, I put my faith in Him. He started teaching me and guiding me through his word from the Bible. I started reading it every day and it changed me. It broke my pride and changed my desires to humbleness, love, and selflessness.

This woman can testify to the fact that when people are struggling the most, their needs stretch far beyond physical necessities like food and water. These refugees who have been forced from their old lives, homes, and jobs desperately need restored hope and purpose . . . the hope and purpose that comes through Christ.

You can provide hope to one of these refugees at an uncertain time—a time when earthly comforts are unusually absent. Your gift of a Bible will make an impact that changes a refugee’s life forever.

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