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August 2014 Blogger Web Banners & Resources




For the past two months, we have discussed the clear benefits of child sponsorship—both abroad and at home. By now your readers are well acquainted with the life-changing dynamics of sponsorship. This month, let’s invite our readers to take the final plunge and commit to sponsor a child.


We’re willing to bet there are a good number of your readers who are on the fence about investing in this kind of relationship. I wouldn’t make a good sponsor. What do I have to offer a child? How much of a difference would it actually make?

We’ve created an online tool implicitly for these individuals—our Why Sponsor portal. This is a simple website with incredible video testimonies, stories, and insight from current child sponsors. Take a minute to browse through and check it out.

There are many reasons why some may balk at getting involved in overseas development. But we’re calling on you to help bridge the gap between their fears and the reality of transformation. Perhaps address their hesitations. Invite them to ask questions about child sponsorship, and refer them to the Why Sponsor resources.

Not everyone will respond—a reality we as bloggers are familiar with. But for the children we have the ability to impact for eternity . . . is any effort really wasted?

Our heavenly Father sees, cares, and knows each one of these children intimately. He is known throughout His Word as the Defender of the fatherless and widows. And World Help believes we can join Him in His work with confidence.

Take a moment to look over this month’s resources. They include new image packs, which we encourage you to share not only on your blogs, but also with your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram communities. They’re a great way to catch eyes and segue into sharing stories.

We will also post pre-written tweets in the Facebook group, as several of you have mentioned you enjoy scheduling these during busy times.

Please join us in prayer for boldness and sensitivity to the Lord’s guidance as World Help Bloggers continue to blaze trails of advocacy around the globe. We are looking forward to another incredible month from this team!



Campaign links, links to stories, access to campaign media, downloadable banners, a Facebook timeline photo, and a photo pack for you to use throughout the month as you blog.

Helpful Links

Below are a collection of links to stories, campaign assets, associated blog posts, and media.

Why Sponsor A Child? World Help


Photos are a great way to share about about about child sponsorship’s impact. We have collected photos for you to download and use during the month in your blogs and on social media.

Download Photo Pack


Instagram Photo Pack



Facebook Cover Image

Right click on the image below and “Save Image As” to upload and use as your timeline cover image on Facebook.

Why Sponsor A Child? - World Help


Web Banners & Button

Add these banners and button image to your blog this month to celebrate the release of our Annual Report for 2013.

Use the embed code (click inside the box next to each banner/button and use CTRL-C (CMD-C for Mac users) to copy the code. Then paste this code into your website) or download the image pack below.

Download Web Banners

Why Sponsor A Child? World Help

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Why Sponsor A Child? - World Help

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Why Sponsor A Child? - World Help

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