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March 2015 Blogger Web Banners & Resources


World Water Day


March 22 is World Water Day, a day set aside to bring awareness to the World Water Crisis, which impacts an estimated 750 million people. Every year, water-related illnesses, poor sanitation, and lack of hygiene claim the lives of 840,000 people . . . and tragically, 90 percent of them are children.

This year, for World Water Day, World Help is focusing our efforts on the Ugandan community of Kirinda. Its children have been victims of the effects of contaminated drinking water for generations. Please take a minute to learn more about this village of courageous survivors and our desire to provide clean water to all 2,000 people in the region through a variety of clean-water projects.

This month, will you help us get the word out about World Water Day by telling Kirinda’s story? We’ll be sharing the testimonies of several children from the village throughout the month, which I will post in our Facebook community. Their stories will give life and breath to your advocacy. You can also easily share these testimonies through social media if you find yourself too busy to write this month.

We have full confidence that our supporters will respond to Kirinda’s need—and we believe World Help Bloggers will continue to play a pivotal role in getting the word out!

As we continue our study of what it means to be a Christian humanitarian blogger, let’s reflect on these words from Chapter 3 of Awake by Noel Yeatts:

“I have often said that if we really want to know God, we have to be willing to know everything about him. Not just the pretty stuff. Not just the stuff that is easy. Not just the stuff that makes us feel good. We have to be willing to embrace all that God is about, all that he loves, and all that breaks his heart.”

We believe advocating as Christians requires us to have open eyes and ears to the needs of the world—honestly acknowledging what breaks God’s heart and offering ourselves as His hands and feet as He continuously works to reconcile a broken world to Himself.



Campaign links, links to stories, access to campaign media, downloadable banners, a Facebook timeline photo, and photo packs for you to use throughout the month as you blog.

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Photos are a great way to tell stories better. We have collected photos for you to download and use during the month in your blogs and on social media.

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Web Banners & Button

Add these banners and button image to your blog this month to celebrate the release of our Annual Report for 2013.

Use the embed code (click inside the box next to each banner/button and use CTRL-C (CMD-C for Mac users) to copy the code. Then paste this code into your website) or download the image pack below.

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