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Opportunity Awaits


The past 23 years have proven to be the adventure of a lifetime . . . a continual demonstration of God’s goodness, favor, and supernatural provision. God has enabled us to grow enormously, enlarging the scope of our vision in ways that present us with innumerable opportunities for investment and, with these, an incredible responsibility to steward our resources faithfully. Our Leadership Team believes that by creating a consistent framework for future growth, we can bring help for today and hope for tomorrow to millions of impoverished people around the world.



The strategic plan before you provides a thorough explanation of the vision we believe God has given us for the next five years. It is not a rigid manifesto; it is a living blueprint—one that intentionally leaves room for God to move creatively and unexpectedly, working beyond our expectations to accomplish the impossible for His glory. 

Our approach is and will always be to go where God is moving. This written strategy represents our commitment to respond in faith to the doors He opens and walk through them with boldness, gratitude, and hope.

Our paradigm for growth consists of three main areas of focus we believe are central to our mission: the advancement of our international programs, support and fundraising initiatives, and overall organizational development. By properly executing this five-year plan of action, World Help is projected to grow by a margin of 100 percent by 2019.

Over the last decade, World Help has experienced significant growth and progress in every area of our work—success that has propelled us to double our overall impact on a global scale. The intentional efforts outlined in the pages ahead are designed to nurture and accelerate this exciting development all the more. Each benchmark of growth surpassed will result in organizationwide change—from staffing to revenue—and ultimately broadening our overall reach.

By the end of this five-year growth progression, our desire is to see World Help’s average annual impact rise to serve a total of 7 million people around the world with help for today and hope for tomorrow.

In each of these areas, we value holistic, sustainable growth. Not only do we desire to expand our influence through new programs and improved partnerships, we are passionate about putting down roots that will anchor change and allow people to flourish. We will continue to focus our attention on meeting the needs of the whole person—body, heart, mind, and soul—using the Gospel of Jesus Christ as our center focus for building lasting relationships.

I’m asking God to work miracles on our behalf, to allow us to go deeper and wider in our commitment to those in need. My hope is that by offering this transparent representation of our goals and intentions, your confidence in our mission will be reinforced, and your heart will be inspired to partner with us along the journey.

May we never underestimate what God can do through those who are willing to follow Him . . . no matter the cost.

– Vernon Brewer, CEO & Founder // May 2014



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At A Glance // Our Story


Watch the video to learn more about our approach [icon class=”fa-chevron-up”]

MISSION: World Help is a Christian humanitarian organization that exists to serve the physical and spiritual needs of people in impoverished communities around the world.

HELP AND HOPE: We believe true transformation is only possible when the needs of the body and the soul are addressed simultaneously. This holistic approach of HELP and HOPE shows people that they matter to God both now and for eternity.

World Help fulfills this two-fold strategy by investing in sustainable programs that enable individuals and communities to thrive physically and spiritually while building lasting change for generations to come.


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Our Principles

We believe . . .

• all people matter.
• an active faith extends beyond Sunday’s four walls.
• in equipping the right partners with the resources they need in order to affect sustainable transformation in people and communities.
• in building long-term relationships with our donors that allow us be the hands, feet, and heart of Jesus.
• in working with passion, enthusiasm, and fanatical attention to quality and detail.
• in always doing the right thing, total transparency, and sharing the results of the impact we make.
• in accomplishing God-sized tasks that last for eternity.




World Help was born out of humble beginnings . . . with just a handful of staff members and a healthy dose of God-sized ambition.

We started our work in 1991 distributing Bibles across Eastern Europe. Almost immediately, God opened the doors for us to share the Gospel in the former Soviet Union. Through an initiative called “Moscow for Jesus,” millions of Russians heard the Good News for the very first time.

This initiative alone produced remarkable results. We were able to mail a copy of Alexander Menn’s To Be A Christian to each of Moscow’s 3 million households, a strategy that impacted over 11 million people.

Each year, our impact goals grew more audacious, leaving plenty of room for God to accomplish the miraculous. In 1996, Vision 1000 was born—a strategic initiative to build 1,000 churches in unreached areas throughout Southeast Asia by the year 2000. Then, on the precipice of the 21st century, literally as India was counting down the strokes before midnight, our thousandth church became a reality.

These early experiences opened our eyes to the overwhelming needs of millions. We saw great spiritual deficits, but we also witnessed unbelievable physical suffering: hunger, disease, and living conditions that literally took our breath away. We knew that something had to be done.

Over the years, God has enabled us to do more than we ever could have imagined through the generosity of faithful supporters and the expertise of our growing network of international partners. 

In addition to Bible distribution, church planting, and humanitarian aid, we’ve provided close to 50,000 sponsorships for abandoned and orphaned children on every corner of the globe—another visionary project that developed during our early years in Eastern Europe.

We’ve provided nearly 600 clean-water wells in impoverished communities, revolutionizing health and paving the way for educational opportunities and job creation.

We’ve constructed homes for orphans, vocational centers for former child soldiers, and medical clinics for AIDS victims.

World Help History Timeline  


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72 million lives in 68 countries

Following God’s vision has opened the doors for miracles to happen. Since inception, World Help has impacted more than 72 million lives in 68 countries around the world.



World Help Countries We Work


See Our Impact Details [icon class=”fa-chevron-down”]



clean-water wells and water projects provided

humanitarian-aid$124 million

of humanitarian aid distributed


child sponsorships facilitated


children rescued from malnutrition


churches planted, providing more than 6 million people with the Gospel

bibles9.4 million

bibles provided


church buildings constructed


Homes of Hope built

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Our Vision For Growth



World Help’s greatest desire is to see impoverished communities transformed with the love of Christ through purposeful and holistic investment.

After pursuing rigorous research and evaluating our current system of internal measurements, we came together to create a comprehensive plan of action that will improve efficiency, foster development, and build toward sustainable future growth.

The following information compiles our “growth model” and serves as a working blueprint for building toward total organizational health. Reform will be initiated in three key areas of development: our international programs, the methods and means we employ to gain supporters, and the way we operate internally with our staff.

Rebuilding Rwanda - World HelpA Rwandan boy in our child sponsorship program (Kilgali, Rwanda, 2013)
Indian Childrens Home World Help 2012Child Sponsorship program in India (Dehli, India, 2012)

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// What change looks like on the field


Strategic Growth Initiatives

Each year, World Help will release a detailed agenda of impact programs that will offer a fresh vision to our partners, staff, and supporters. This strategic guide will specify how our time, resources, and energy will be spent in the coming year.

These additional impact initiatives are designed to go above and beyond our normal reach with the intention of broadening our influence and embracing new, God-given opportunities in faith. Each year’s initiatives will involve carefully selected programs and projects that specifically address the felt needs of the body and, more important, the eternal needs of the soul.

The inherent power of the Gospel in each of these particular efforts has the ability to transform hearts and lives in a way that no other strategy can. 

By keeping this truth at the center of our focus, we intend to maximize our impact within each of the following areas: aid and relief, education and sustainability, and community development.

Child in Kampala Slum World Help 2012A Ugandan boy in a slum near our programs (Kampala, Uganda, 2012)


View 2014 Initiatives


Aid and Relief


Relief programs will be determined by identifying areas of urgent need through trusted partners on the ground where our immediate response is essential to save lives. Disaster, conflict, food shortages, and refugee crises all fall under this umbrella.
Support for critical ongoing initiatives that give help to millions globally, including our feeding programs and Operation Baby Rescue, are also high priorities within the spectrum of aid and relief.



Education and Sustainability


Education and job creation are by far the most effective means in ending the cycle of poverty. Education builds the foundation of life-long learning, giving children the priceless gift of opportunity. Sustainability programs create jobs and instill dignity through meaningful work while creating lasting models for earning a stable income.
Each annual growth initiative will specifically target education and sustainability projects, including vocational and Bible training, farming initiatives, library cultivation, and comprehensive maternal health programs. Bible distribution and strategic church planting also make up a critical portion of these development efforts.



Community Development


Impoverished communities often lack the basic infrastructure needed to make change possible. World Help’s desire is to add several development projects each year in order to achieve the maximum potential impact.
We are eager to build school dormitories, clinics, maternal-care facilities, church buildings, and clean-water wells from the Amazonian jungle of Peru to the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal.




Partner Development

Fostering healthy relationships with our international partners is one of our highest priorities in building successful international programs.

[icon class=”fa-book”] STORY: “Celebrating Our International Partners”

To strengthen and sustain these ties, we desire to make deliberate improvements in three key areas.

Religious man in India World Help 2013A Indian religious leader (India, 2013)





We are creating a more consistent standard for evaluation of current and prospective partnerships. Without a clear and proper understanding of expectations, goals, and measures of excellence, partners and programs cannot be expected to flourish.
Incorporating evaluative measurements of success through standard metrics (i.e., graduation rates, performance benchmarks for sponsorship programs, along with comparable analysis between local programs, etc.) offers a mutually beneficial and specific method for interpreting progress and will serve to promote excellence within each program.
By increasing our communication, perfecting standards of operation, and ensuring more face-to-face program meetings, trust and clarity will be intentionally cultivated for the future.





Another area of improvement is in the way we approach cultural and geographic considerations of each partner. The beauty of collaborating with international partners is that their perspectives, cultural insight, language proficiency, and firsthand knowledge provide a distinct advantage in the formulation of program strategy.
We are intent on working with our partners desire to succeed, while progressing together toward viable solutions that meet the specific needs of the local people in a way that promotes empowerment over dependency.





Years of work on the field has afforded us with a great deal of practical knowledge and experience for what constitutes successful development. We strive to share these lessons with each partner, while learning from their unique cultural and regional insights.
Our objective is to be a resource to our network; supplying a rich array of examples, field studies, expert contacts, training philosophies, proven development models, etc., along with a continued willingness to offer them guidance.
Yet we understand learning is a two-way street: It is our goal to develop and grow by absorbing the traits of each partnership’s particular strengths.




Program Enhancement

World Help’s ability to expand as a whole will be largely determined by the health and functionality of our international programs.

Growth is a visible indicator of what’s on the inside, meaning that the way our programs operate on a daily basis is a direct reflection of the progress we should expect.

We believe that by correcting matters of inefficiency and building in steps for sustainability, we will begin to see every one of our programs flourish to their fullest potential.

Nigerian Children World Help 2012A Nigerian boy from our child sponsorship program (Nigeria, 2012)




Communicating effectively across borders, time zones, outdated and incompatible technology, cultural identities, and language barriers is no easy task. But there are several viable solutions in easing this strain and removing the obstacles—seen or unseen—that inhibit our programs from running efficiently.
One easy way to address this is by working to provide our partners with reliable technology—computers, internet access, digital cameras, and other various equipment—needed for optimal work performance. Another way is to promote clarity. Miscommunication is often triggered by ambiguous or poorly communicated expectations. Together with our partners, clear expectations are developed by creating intentional guidelines and protocols for program communication, workflow, reporting, and response to time-sensitive issues.
Our hope is that these simple steps will free up time and money, while establishing trust as an anchor for the years ahead.



Long-term Sustainability


Our commitment to total program enhancement hinges on the vision of sustainability. Over the next five years, we will be working alongside each partner to discuss realistic steps toward establishing self-sufficiency and promoting financial longevity in every current and future program.
Each program will be evaluated individually to ensure the appropriate enhancements are provided in accordance to need and location. Improvements may include, but are not limited to: systems for clean water, farming and livestock projects, and building appropriate infrastructure with long-term suitability in mind.


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// What change looks like at home


It would be a mistake to think that our impact around the world is the result of a completely autonomous effort. We depend on our family of donors, advocates, and hands-on participants to fuel every movement we make.

It is our responsibility to equip these able hands, feet, and voices with the adequate tools—media resources, educational materials, and volunteer experiences—to mobilize prayer and affect change along with the support to foster continued growth.


Church Engagement

We believe the church is God’s chosen means to bring healing and restoration to a broken world. Since the early days of our work, we have purposed to keep the church at the center of our strategy for reaching communities.

Churches have the organizational capacities to educate, inspire, mobilize, and equip people to better understand the need to go beyond Sunday’s four walls for the sake of the Gospel.

In the next five years, we hope to forge even more partnerships with churches of all shapes and sizes. We will do this through providing educational and promotional resources, personalized project proposals, increased trip opportunities, and event-planning assistance.

Ugandan Church Bible Study World Help 2012A Ugandan women studying the Bible at a church supported by World Help (Uganda, 2013)

Liberty University Mission Trip to Rwanda World HelpA young lady on a missions trip to World Help’s partner children’s program (Kilgali, Rwanda, 2014)

A distinguishing benefit that World Help offers churches is the ability to provide customizable support for projects and events. We value this ability and desire to see it grow significantly in the years to come. Churches that are empowered to accomplish their mission, energize their congregations, and see the hand of God at work are the ones who experience the most success.

The reason is simple—they have been allowed to do what they do best. These are the churches that remain invested long term; the ones that are more likely to contribute to multiple projects. Expanding our engagement in this area is a worthwhile investment in the body of Christ as well as the cause of the poor and the fatherless. Together, we can accomplish much.



Supporting-Partner Cultivation

World Help’s vision for growth intentionally targets areas in which we can better engage our supporters. We are passionate about interacting with each donor in accordance with their needs, taking great care to communicate how valuable they are to our mission and to the greater work that God is doing around the world.

[icon class=”fa-book”] STORY: Two Friends, One Vision

To accomplish this, we will afford special attention to the diversity of our donors, taking into account varying life experiences, backgrounds, avenues of interest, and other unique facets that directly affect how our relationship develops. These are small details that carry tremendous implications. Each and every intentional, personalized interaction builds trust and, in turn, cultivates authentic loyalty.

A wide range of sharable media (project and fundraising videos, featured stories, printed updates, web campaigns, and event-planning material) will be offered and continually improved so donors can stay constantly connected to the impact of their investments while being offered inspiring avenues to get involved. Technological advancements over the past decade have brought an incredible sense of connectedness to the world.

[icon class=”fa-book”] STORY:Water for Rwanda: A Fountain of Joy

World Help values the possibilities of this growth but believes that personal, face-to-face communication should never be dismissed in the name of convenience. We plan to improve our accessibility to individual donors in the coming years by planting key World Help representatives in strategic regions across the country.

Our desire through this model is to cultivate authentic relationships and provide personal assistance and support for our most active donor bases.

Dedicating causelife villageKevin Foster and Charles Billingsly dedicating causelife village  (Hope of Life, Guatemala, 2013)




Rwanda causelifeRebecca Rogers on a trip to Rwanda  (Kigali, Rwanda, 2013)



Exposure Trips

A story can inspire. A video can stir. A fundraising appeal can engage. But a trip . . . a trip can change someone’s life.

Perhaps the most meaningful way to acquire, engage, and retain donors has been through offering volunteer trip opportunities. A supporter who is able to see and touch the needs firsthand and experience the hope of their impact, is a supporter who becomes invested long term.

Through the expansion of trip opportunities to countries like Guatemala, Peru, India, Uganda, Rwanda, and more, individuals and groups nationwide will be able to actively participate in our work in a meaningful way.

The number of trip opportunities as a whole will also increase to accommodate the rising inquiries for participation. In addition, the quality of these trips will be improved to offer specific opportunities for World Help bloggers, key donors, and others who desire to actively partner with us in advocating for the least of these. Along with them, our own creative staff will undoubtedly benefit from more exposure to the field, gaining regular access to stories and updates that can be actively shared with our donor community.

Watch this video to see what an exposure trip is like [icon class=”fa-chevron-up”]


View Upcoming Trips



Business Partnerships

The corporate landscape is shifting rapidly to accommodate the growing demand for businesses to adopt social good initiatives as a part of their organizational identity. In recent years, World Help has seen a dramatic increase in corporate interest as companies of all shapes and sizes seek to find a cause that their staff (and shareholders) can support wholeheartedly.

[icon class=”fa-book”] STORY: “Deeper At Work”

The variety of projects we offer provide a great array of customizable project options. Cultivating these opportunities will require that we create updated resource and proposal materials, introduce corporate partnership protocols, brand consistency guidelines, and direct assistance in the implementation of cooperative campaigns. The goal of each of these improvements is to intentionally align ourselves to respond to the needs of businesses with outstanding professionalism and personalized accommodation.

OneSource Partnership World Help causelifePresident of One Source Communications Mike Aman & Cyrus Mad-Bondo  (Greenville, North Carolina, 2013)


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// What change looks like inside our doors


Behind every vision of success is a group of people who are passionate about bringing dreams to life.

Our staff is the heartbeat behind every logistical detail. They are the engineers of projects and programs; they are the cultivators of relationships that allow our family of supporters to grow; they are the expertise behind our visual and written storytelling.

Without a strong team of committed staff, our work simply would not happen. The future of our vision depends greatly on the degree to which we invest in our staff.


Staff Growth

With every new project, partner, and donor, the need for qualified personnel to facilitate this growth is equally paramount. World Help intends to make strides forward in the coming years with several strategic new hires—donor, church, and corporate representatives, creative media professionals, project coordinators, and more—who will add value and excellence to our team.

[icon class=”fa-book”] STORY: Staff Training Day: The Story of Us

The process of adding to our team will be gradual and intentional. We will consider key areas of growth before every new acquisition, leaving room for added depth and future improvements. Accordingly, we will place a great emphasis on only hiring candidates with skills and experience to suit the position, while upholding that excellence, positivity, and fanatical attention to quality and detail will be a non-negotiable requirement of all current and prospective staff.

Tom Thompson World Help Peru 2013Tom Thompson caring on Peruvian children at a child development center (Lima, Peru, 2013)



Streamlining Structures

Organization-wide growth does not come without the need for greater efficiency. Every department at World Help is undergoing a rigorous process aimed at streamlining workflow. Each team will create specific goals for intradepartmental improvement that coincide with the greater vision of making our organization as a whole as effective as possible.

From here, our attention will turn to how we can improve communication and collaboration between departments in a healthy, proactive manner. We believe that galvanizing our team around a central mission and fostering meaningful work in all aspects will promote stability for years to come.

Cyrus Mad-Bondo with children in C.A.R. World HelpCyrus Mad-Bondo visiting Irene’s Home of Hope (Central African Republic, 2013)




Every great organization understands the importance of building a healthy, vibrant team of people who know they are valued. Pouring into our staff is a continual and deliberate process intended to show our unending appreciation of their work, accompanied by a unique concern for their professional development and personal well-being. Along with a competitive human resources benefits package, opportunities for promotions and clear departmental incentives will be provided as avenues for career advancement.

We will continue to promote a culture characterized by trust and transparency by communicating clearly about our organizational direction and collective team goals. We will celebrate our success, recognize excellence, reward efficiency, and emphasize teamwork. By improving staff satisfaction, we hope to encourage longevity and limit turn-over rates. A staff member who has “bought-in” to our mission—one who feels valued, respected, and challenged professionally—will translate into greater progress and more meaningful development for World Help as a whole.

World Help Staff Team 2013Part of World Help’s staff during a team building outing (Lynchburg, Virginia, 2013)

[icon class=”fa-camera”] PHOTOS: Staff Fun Day 2013

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Our Goal // How Change Takes Place



We are tremendously grateful for the influence God has enabled us to have over the past two decades of outreach—recognizing His power, provision, and artistry in every chapter of our story.

The future holds the promise of even greater miracles—of more lives impacted through help and hope. Each year, we plan to incrementally improve in all areas, improving our total value by 100 percent over the next five years.

We know that continued impact depends on our ability to adapt to the needs of the people we serve with competency and effectiveness. To this end, we are fiercely committed to building the framework for long-term change in a way that brings inspiration to our supporters and glory to God.

We are also deeply aware that we cannot accomplish any of this growth alone. We put our faith in God to stir the hearts of individuals, families, churches, and corporations to produce an outpouring of prayer and generosity. Each person who believes in our mission shares in its success . . . in lives saved, communities changed, families healed, and hope restored.

Every focused improvement we make translates into more lives transformed . . . from this moment on to eternity. We invite you to be a part of this transformation by prayerfully considering how God might use you over our next five years of outreach together.

Let our hearts break with what breaks the heart of God, and may we be moved to act—beyond pity or compulsion—with the very compassion of Jesus.

The specific projections for annual benchmarks are as follows [icon class=”fa-chevron-down”]

World Help 5 Year Growth Plan v2

Ugandan boy at church in Kampala slum World Help 2013

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