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Can I count on you to help?

Vernon Brewer
Jul 13, 2018

Earlier this week, I sent you an email about an urgent need. I just got back from the village of Los Lotes, Guatemala, where 1,500 people remain buried under 10 to 20 feet of ash after last month’s volcano eruption. The few survivors, including three of my closest friends, have nowhere to go. They have literally lost everything.

Right now, Orlando, Edison, and Alex are living in crowded rooms in a nearby village. They are alive, but they need your help desperately.

What they have experienced is horrific. They lost loved ones, jobs, and homes when the volcano erupted. They have no income — nothing. And after all that, they’re forced to sleep in tiny rooms with more than a dozen other people. This situation they are in is more than an inconvenience … it is truly life-or-death. And we have to do something.

I’ve returned from Guatemala with a mission — to provide homes for these three close friends of mine and as many other survivors from Los Lotes as possible.

Can I count on you to help?

It will take $10,000 to buy land and complete a home for one family — but any amount you can give will make a difference for these people who have lost everything.

I know it’s a lot to ask, but these three men have worked alongside World Help for years, helping others. Now they are the ones who need help. We can’t walk away from them.

Please give as generously as you can. Share this urgent need with your family and friends. Show this video to them. And help the families of Los Lotes begin to rebuild.

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