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Celebrate this Valentine’s Day like never before

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Feb 02, 2017

Pop quiz! With Valentine’s Day just two weeks away, how are you planning to celebrate?

Will you …

A. Celebrate your love for your spouse with a special dinner?

B. Celebrate your love for your friends with a night out together?

C. Celebrate your love for your family with a thoughtful gift?

D. Celebrate your love of chocolate by stocking up on discount candy Feb. 15?

All of these options (yes, even D) are perfectly legitimate and wonderful ways to celebrate this day of love.

But what if you could celebrate this Valentine’s Day by choosing a fifth option … something you’ve never done before … something that will demonstrate love in the most powerful way possible?

Would you …

E. Celebrate transformational love by saving the life of a starving child?

Two thousand years ago, Christ demonstrated a love that rescues through His life and death. Ever since, His love continues to rescue and restore lives around the world. This Valentine’s Day you have an opportunity to celebrate and demonstrate that same love. 

For just $50, you can help rescue a child suffering from malnutrition in Haiti, Uganda, or Guatemala.

For most of us, $50 might buy a nice dinner or a large bouquet of flowers. But for a child clinging to life, it can provide the initial nutrition and emergency medical care necessary to rescue him from the brink of starvation. It can bring hope to a hopeless situation.

Just think of the life you can save if you choose to demonstrate love outside of your own social circle this Valentine’s Day and put your Love on the Map!

There are many ways you can join the rescue. You can help a child on behalf of a loved one and send a personalized e-card sharing how their love saved a life. Or you can join forces with a friend, relative, or significant other to let your love for each other overflow into the life of someone in need.

Want to do even more? Team up with your church family or coworkers to raise the funds needed to completely restore a child’s health. Every $1,200 will ensure one boy or girl receives everything he or she needs to fully recover:

• Medical treatment, nutrition, and rehabilitation

• Transportation and housing for family members so they can be nearby the Rescue Center

• Follow-up care to ensure long-term health

Many generous donors have already put their Love on the Map, and we’ve witnessed thousands of sick children transformed into thriving boys and girls as a result. Now, it’s your chance to join the rescue!

This Valentine’s Day, choose to demonstrate your love in a way that will outlive you and last for eternity.


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