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Clean water is making life easier for Rosita’s community

  • March 16, 2021
Sam Campbell
Sam Campbell

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World Water Day is next week on March 22. It’s a good day to stop and think about just how much clean water is a part of your everyday life. You run the dishwasher. Turn on the shower. Refill a water bottle from the kitchen faucet.

These routines have become almost like breathing — we don’t even think about them.

But for people like Rosita, clean water hasn’t always been so easy to come by.

You’d be hard-pressed to find Rosita’s village on a map. The house where she lives with her husband and son in Peru is tucked away in a small, remote settlement near the Amazon River.

About 350 people live in this community. And, until recently, none of them had access to running water.

“Life has been hard without clean water,” Rosita said.

With no other options, her family frequently prayed for it to storm just so they could collect rainwater to drink. They set out bowls and plastic jugs to gather as much water as possible … but the weather is never predictable. And those bowls often remained empty.

So, Rosita began her long journey to find water.

Rosita walked for miles almost every day, searching for some sort of water source. Eventually, she’d find a lagoon, marsh, or brown river to dip her bucket in.

And then she’d spend a few more hours dragging it back home.

Rosita wanted to provide for her family. She wanted her son to grow up strong and healthy. Unfortunately, the dirty water she worked so hard to bring home was full of bacteria.

But that all changed when generous members of the World Help family provided a well for Rosita’s community!

She no longer has to spend her days searching for water. In fact, the new well is directly across from Rosita’s house. She and her neighbors now have plenty of clean water to cook, bathe, and wash their clothes.

Plus, Rosita can finally give her son fresh drinking water without having to worry about him getting sick.

None of this would have been possible without World Help supporters providing clean water.

However, there are others who are still waiting for clean water to arrive. Mothers in Uganda are still walking for miles to collect contaminated water from rivers and streams. And children in Guatemala and other places around the world are still dying from life-threatening waterborne diseases.

All because they lack clean water.

Today you can give in honor of World Water Day. To learn more about how you can help transform a life like Rosita’s, click the link below.

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