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Community Development

In many developing countries, people live in desperate conditions for generation after generation because they lack the resources necessary to make progressive change. The absence of basic infrastructure, like access to clean water, proper housing, and medical care locks them in an endless cycle of poverty . . . but you can help them break this cycle. By investing in long-term solutions, you empower a community to build a better future.

Best of all, each community development project you give toward is integrated with a local church. If there is no church, you can help build one! That way, as the community itself is being transformed, hearts are being changed as well.


Clean Water

Basic necessities and education


Medical Clinics, Hygiene Programs, Sanitary Latrines


Family Homes, Dormitories, Children’s Homes


Sponsorship, Uniforms, School Supplies


Clean Water Projects
One in 10 people around the world lacks access to safe drinking water. When you give to clean water projects, you help improve health, food production, and education—nearly every aspect of daily life.
Church Buildings
Your investment in a local church provides more than just a safe place to worship. It gives a community a tangible symbol of God’s presence and hope.
Family Homes
In many villages, a family’s only shelter is whatever structure they can build with salvaged tin and plastic from the local dump. You can give a family their first real home.
Homes of Hope
There are nearly 16 million AIDS orphans in Africa today. By contributing to a Home of Hope, you help provide orphaned children with a loving family environment and daily necessities.
Clinics of Hope
Sick men, women, and children often remain untreated in areas with no nearby medical facility. Many die from common sicknesses. You can help prevent avoidable deaths by giving toward a clinic with life-saving supplies.

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