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Coronavirus opens new doors to share the Gospel

  • April 09, 2020
Sam Campbell
Sam Campbell

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It seems there’s a new update every day. The latest health mandate. The best “social distancing” practices. Rules about when you can and cannot leave your house.

It can feel very limiting. But the truth is this coronavirus pandemic has also brought new opportunities — opportunities to show God’s love to a world that is overwhelmed.

By giving to the coronavirus emergency fund, you will help rescue people who are facing the most difficult moments of their lives. You will be the hands and feet of Jesus to families around the world and here in the U.S. And thanks to a matching gift by generous World Help Board members, your gift will automatically double up to $235,000.

Christians in the Middle East are using this time of sickness and uncertainty as a chance to spread the Gospel while helping others in need.

“Because of the tremendous shortage of masks, Christians have banded together to make them in their homes and then go out in the streets and give them away,” our partner said. “They are using this as an opportunity to boldly share their testimonies.”

In a time where price gouging and hoarding have become more common, those receiving these free homemade masks are surprised by the kindness shown to them.

They recognize there’s clearly something different about these people who follow Jesus.

It seems the coronavirus is not the only thing spreading. “Evangelism has grown even stronger,” our partner said. “Christians are sharing their testimonies about what Christ is doing in their lives during this time of crisis.”

Church leaders are now holding online prayer times and devotions. And since most people are at home with more free time on their hands, many are discovering these programs. Our partners are seeing a tremendous increase in viewers and listeners. That means more people are hearing the Gospel every week!

These faithful believers are reaching as many as they can for Christ … but they can’t do it alone.

They need Bibles and resources, things that are extremely rare in places like the Middle East.  In “Bible deserts,” it’s common for an entire underground church to have to share a single copy of the Scriptures. And since believes can’t meet together right now, that means even more people are without God’s Word.

They are hungry for God’s Word and eager to share it with others. Many underground church members and their communities are just plain hungry, too.

When you give to the coronavirus emergency fund, you’ll be helping meet both these needs. You’ll provide food, medical care, and other lifesaving aid to people in the Middle East and around the world.

You’ll also make sure that critical global programs like Bible distribution and church planting can continue during this time of instability and economic uncertainty.

Finally, you’ll provide emergency food for families in the U.S. who are out of work due to the coronavirus and hygiene kits to the elderly and other high-risk citizens.

Your gift today will do so much good!

Normally, every $8 would help rescue one person. But thanks to the $235,000 matching gift, your doubled gift will help rescue TWO people!

So, as you comb through the aisles to find toilet paper or a dozen eggs, don’t think of this time purely as an obstacle. Think of it as an opportunity to show Christ’s love to people who have yet to hear the Gospel.

You may not be able to leave your home right now … but you can still help rescue people around the world.

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