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Cuban Christians finally setting sights on Bibles

  • March 18, 2020
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Vernon Brewer

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A Bible doesn’t do a person any good if he can’t read it. And for many people living in Cuba, struggling to see and read is a daily issue.

“Statistically our country is an aged population,” Arturo, a church planter, explained on my recent trip to Cuba. “Many of the new believers are older adults who struggle to see and read because of deteriorating eyesight.”

But thanks to the generosity of Bibles for All Ambassadors, we were able to give large-print Bibles to 25 pastors and church planters during our trip. They were so thrilled to receive them! Many pastors will use them for their own personal use so they won’t have to strain their eyes as they study the Word and prepare sermons for their congregations.

Some will probably give them away.

Many times, when I come across pastors who are without Bibles, it’s because they’ve given their own copy away to someone who needed to read about Jesus. This is especially true in Bible deserts,” places where Bibles are hard to find.

While I was in Cuba, the pastors and church planters shared about the Bible deserts in their own country. “There is a huge need for Bibles in Cuba,” one said. “Many of the people who are members of established churches have Bibles, but there are no Bibles we can give to new converts. And the scarcity of Bibles is even worse outside of the city and in the provinces.”

One missionary said that he had seen 472 people come to Christ during a week of revival meetings — but he had only 25 Bibles to give to them.

If regular Bibles are so scarce in Cuba, you can imagine how difficult it is to find large-print Bibles. That’s why this gift made possible by Bibles for All Ambassadors was so precious to these church planters.

“The need for large-print Bibles is a real need,” Arturo said. “And it’s a blessing to be able to have them. But even more than that, even better than that, the need is there because of the desire of the people to read the Word.”

By becoming a Bibles for All Ambassador, you can help meet people’s desire to read the Word all year-round. Every month, you will send five Bibles to countries like Cuba, Uganda, Guatemala, and beyond. And since people in “Bible deserts” often share their Bibles with family and friends, each copy you send will reach several people, making your impact multiply!

You’ll be helping new Christians see the love of Jesus Christ with 20/20 vision.

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