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Mar 19, 2014

Can clean water be incorporated into the vision of a for-profit business?

We think so. In fact, through our partnerships with local and nationwide businesses, causelife’s reach has grown exponentially over the past few years, paving the way for water projects to be built in impoverished communities worldwide.

OneSource - causelife partnership

In recent years, the mindset of businesses as a whole has shifted from solely focusing on profit to a realization that their influence, reach, and resources can create sustainable change for people lacking access to life’s most basic human needs.

Since 2011, the Greenville-based company One Source has partnered with us to bring clean water to 12 developing communities—from Guatemala to Uganda to India—transforming health and opportunity for thousands.

India - OneSource - causelife

It all started with the introduction of a new Christmas tradition. Instead of giving conventional cards to friends and family, One Source encouraged its staff to give causelife Christmas cards along with a donation to fund clean-water projects. The company pledged to match every gift 100 percent.

The idea sparked an outpouring of generosity, gathering people of all roles and positions together in a true showing of Christmas spirit. Today, those gifts combined with a sponsor raffle initiative and private matching donations have built incredible steam behind their vision. Every dollar raised galvanizes the One Source family closer together in their common mission: To change the world, one water project at a time.

Africa - OneSource - causelife

One Source’s ultimate desire is to do more—to go deeper—every year through this remarkable campaign.

What about your place of business?  Do you currently participate in social good initiatives of any kind?

We’ve found that clean water is a concept that nearly everyone can get behind. The need is simple; the solution is obvious; and the message is urgent.

OneSource philanthropy - World Help

Find out more about how your business can make a difference for people around the world in an extraordinary way. Learn more about partnership opportunities today!

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