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Aid and Relief4 min read


Did you know shipping and handling can help save lives?

Kelsey Campbell
Aug 04, 2020

“I call so much to God that angels will come to release a little of the burden that I carry day by day,” Maxima said.

That burden includes venturing out in the Guatemalan heat to tend to her small garden so she can eat each day. It’s much too heavy a burden to bear on Maxima’s 96-year-old shoulders. But she has no other family to care for her in her old age. She lost her husband five years ago, and they were never able to have any children. On her own, Maxima struggles to afford basic necessities like healthy meals, soap, shoes, and medical care.

And life has gotten even more difficult since the start of the pandemic.

Today, you can help rescue someone like Maxima by shipping lifesaving supplies. And when you do your gift will multiply an incredible 33X!

The best care package you can send to someone like Maxima comes in an oversized container. It travels on trucks, on ships, through customs, and down dusty roads in order to arrive in the hands of people who desperately need it.

It’s a shipping container packed full of lifesaving aid.

And you probably won’t find a care package that gives you more bang for your buck. That’s because every dollar you donate multiplies to ship $33 worth of nutritious meals, hygiene kits, and more.

A gift of just $30 is enough to send $990 worth of critical supplies for people in need!

Here’s how your gift multiplies 33X:

1. We have an entire warehouse full of donated food, clothing, medical supplies, and other aid provided by generous corporate donors and grants.

2. Your gift covers the shipping cost to get these supplies out of the warehouse, where they’re not doing much good … and into the hands of the people who need them, where they’ll help save lives!

3. Every $1 you give ships $33 worth of lifesaving supplies!

Maxima may not have any family to take care of her. But when you ship aid to someone like her, you show that person that he or she hasn’t been forgotten. You send a message that he or she doesn’t have to face these difficult times alone.

Now more than ever, people living in poverty desperately need your help.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused food shortages worldwide, and countless people are out of work. It’s become even harder for people living in poverty to afford to food for their kids or buy hygiene items like soap and sanitizers.

But in a world where we’re now forced to keep our distance, your contribution can cross borders and help save lives.

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