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Don’t look away: Why we can’t ignore what’s happening in Syria

Kelsey Campbell
Jul 22, 2019

Last week, two children in Syria’s Idlib province were killed when a land mine exploded.

An Aleppo man died as rocket shells rained down on his neighborhood.

And a Christian woman was tortured for nine hours before being stoned to death.

Daily life in Syria is ugly and violent … so violent, in fact, that it’s much easier for us to look away than to ask how we can help. But when we do look away, we’re also looking away from people like Abeer.

Abeer is a teenager whose name we’ve changed because he and his family are refugees. Fortunately, they were able to flee before the worst of the fighting, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t struggling to survive.

Abeer and his family of seven live in one of the smallest homes in the neighborhood where they are displaced … but they can still barely afford to make rent, much less pay for healthy meals, clothing, and medical care.

Jobs are few and far between for refugees, and the ones that are available usually involve hard, physical labor. That’s not an option for Abeer’s father because he has a serious back injury, so Abeer dropped out of school to work and support the family the best he can.

But without an education, Abeer will always be fighting against poverty.

The war has taken everything from Syrians like Abeer … security, basic essentials, education, and hope for a better future.

Some refugees have become so desperate that they are selling their few possessions just to buy food or medicine. And as the bombs continue to fall on areas like Idlib, more and more families are being forced to run, become refugees, and live without necessities every single day — just like Abeer and his family.

But you can help provide lifesaving aid for a refugee in need.

Your $35 will provide $189 worth of vital supplies like nutritious meals, clean water, medical care, hygiene kits, clothing, and more. That means your gift multiplies more than 5X!

If Abeer’s immediate needs are met, he can go back to school. Without help, though, nothing will change … and he and his family will continue to starve.

Will you give a gift that multiplies today to help rescue a refugee in Syria or another war-torn country?

Your $35 will provide dire aid for a person in his most crucial time of need. You could even be the difference between life and death for a refugee who is struggling to hold on.


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