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Education changes everything

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Jul 02, 2018

Aaron gets up early and puts on his blue and yellow school uniform. It’s 7 a.m. on a Monday morning, and a week of learning awaits him.

Aaron lives in Kikooba, Uganda where most children come from poor families and would have to tend to a field or cattle instead of getting an education. But instead of picking up a shovel, Aaron gets to pick up his backpack and go to school.

Aaron is a student at a brand new school in Kikooba. It’s located not far from his home, and when he arrives, a healthy breakfast is waiting for him. A few hours later, he also will receive lunch.

There’s just one problem — if Aaron doesn’t receive a child sponsor soon, all of this could be at risk.

Generous donors have helped cover the initial costs to open the Kikooba school and keep it operational for now. But Aaron and his friends are still waiting for long-term sponsors to ensure they can continue their studies.

As Aaron and the other students sit in class reciting their math tables, the yearning for education is palpable. Many thought they would never get this chance. Until recently, these kids were never able to ask, “What do I want to be when I grow up?” They simply assumed they would become peasant farmers, laborers, or cattle herders like their parents.

But now they have the chance to dream. And Aaron’s dream is a big one. He wants to become a politician so he can make Uganda a better place to live for his family and friends.

Without a sponsor, though, Aaron’s dream is in jeopardy.

Aaron’s teachers know the value of sponsorship. Many of them were once sponsored children themselves, attending school in another Ugandan village. Now they want to pay forward the kindness they were shown by teaching the children in this neighboring village.

Their sponsors invested in them, and now they want to invest in kids like Aaron.

But they need your help to do so. Aaron and his classmates need your help.

There are currently 237 students at the Kikooba school, and almost all of them are waiting for a sponsor.

That’s 237 dreams that are at risk of never coming true. That’s 237 boys and girls who are praying for someone like you to allow them to keep studying in the classroom rather than returning to work in the fields.

Will you help one of these kids today?

When you sponsor a child from Kikooba, Uganda, you’ll be helping remove him forever from backbreaking work in the fields. Girls who continue in school are far less likely to become victims of child marriage or the sex trade.

And it’s not just education you’ll be providing. You’ll also be making sure that your sponsored child receives nutritious meals each day, something that is so rare at home.

“We feel pain,” one of the Kikooba teachers said as she explained how many of the children come to school too hungry to concentrate. “They take anything they can get at home.”

But through sponsorship, you can feed a child’s body and his mind.

For just $35 a month — just over $1 a day — you can rescue a child from hunger and make sure he is able to stay in school.

Today, a child like Aaron is on his way to working in the fields for the rest of his life if he doesn’t receive help. But your love can reach all the way to Uganda to change his life forever.

Not only will you provide his basic needs, but you’ll also have a chance to build a lasting relationship through letter writing and prayer. You’ll even receive downloadable, kid-friendly stationary with letter prompts each month to help you as you correspond with your sponsored child!

Please rescue a child like Aaron today.


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