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Emmanuel’s dreams are in danger

April Stumme
Jul 16, 2018

The teachers came. Desks and books arrived. But when the new school opened in Emmanuel’s village, he didn’t know how much it would change his life.

Emmanuel grew up in a family of poor laborers. Both of his parents work in the fields — harvesting, weeding, planting, and doing other odd jobs. Emmanuel knew that soon he would be expected to join them.

It wasn’t a surprise for Emmanuel that he would have to begin working at such a young age. He lives in Kikooba, Uganda, and all of his siblings and friends also began working while they were still children. Without the money to attend school, it was their only option.

But everything changed when the children of Kikooba were offered the chance to attend school for free. Suddenly, Emmanuel and his friends had another choice. And they took it.

Now, that opportunity is in danger.

Several generous donors provided the school in Emmanuel’s village. They made sure the initial costs were covered and the children had everything they needed to do well in their classes. The kids receive healthy meals and access to medical care. Their lives have improved immensely.

But the children need long-term sponsors to make sure they continue to have access to these life-changing resources for years to come. Without help, children like Emmanuel will be back on a path to menial labor.

School taught Emmanuel to dream big. He wants to become a doctor! Even though he is only 11, he works hard every day to earn good grades so that he can achieve his goal.

But now he needs help to hold on to the future he’s planning for himself.

Emmanuel and all the other kids in his school need someone to make sure they never lose the chance to attend school again. You can be that person for a child today through sponsorship.

For $35 a month, you can sponsor a child like Emmanuel and give him security and assurance that he will be able to complete his education and fulfill his dreams. You can provide food, education, and medical care that he desperately needs. And you can begin a relationship filled with love and encouragement.

Emmanuel wants to be a doctor so that he can help other people live healthy, happy lives. But he can’t achieve that without help. He needs someone like you to help him. And so do all of the other kids in his school.

By sponsoring a child from Kikooba, you’re helping break the cycle of poverty and giving one kid the chance to choose a better life. That’s an incredible gift.


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