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Empower a woman through vocational training

Kelsey Campbell
Mar 26, 2018

Charity sat at home alone and wondered if she’d ever be able to support herself financially. With no job, no skills, and no education, she felt like her life was void of purpose.

Every day the hours passed slowly as Charity tried to fill her time with something meaningful. But what she really wanted was an education and a way to make a difference in her community.

Charity had to drop out of grade school when her mother died unexpectedly. Luckily, Charity’s uncle took her in and helped to support her financially. She tended to his house while he earned a small wage at work.

She tried to start her own business, but she didn’t have the assets to keep it afloat. She resigned herself to the fact she would always have to be dependent on others.

Then, thanks to World Help supporters’ generosity, Charity received the opportunity to attend a vocational school in Gulu, Uganda, where she was trained in hairstyling and cosmetology. Upon graduation, she also received hairstyling equipment to start her own business.

Now Charity is able to pursue her dreams. “I know that this is going to make my life so better,” Charity said. “I will be able to take care of myself.”

Charity’s success would not have been possible without the gift of vocational training.

You, too, can help send someone like Charity to vocational school to learn a trade. You can help equip him or her to be self-reliant with self-sustaining skills such as welding, tailoring, food production, and cosmetology.

The cruelty of poverty is that it robs people of their choices. Many times women suffer the most by not being able to pursue their dreams of supporting their families. But by teaching women a trade, you are empowering them to better their families and their communities.

Now Charity is a role model for the women who come to her salon. She isn’t simply styling hair and making women feel beautiful; she is showing them that an education can open the doors to independence and a brighter future.

You can help another person like Charity who wants to be successful but just doesn’t have the opportunity. Today, you can give one person the gift of vocational training and financial stability.

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