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Feed a child and fuel his future

Blog Team
Aug 27, 2018

Right now, a little boy in Uganda is sitting in school, eager to learn, and eager to build a bright future. He has dreams of being a teacher or a doctor or a mechanic when he grows up.

There’s just one problem.

Today the little boy can’t focus on his lessons. He hasn’t had a real meal in days, and all he can think about is the gnawing ache in his stomach.

His belly is swollen, his arms have grown skinny, and his hair is becoming brittle and discolored. He wonders where his next meal might come from … and if he will survive long enough to reach his dreams.

And he isn’t the only one. Right now, children around the world are in danger of starvation. They have goals about what they want to be when they grow up, just like the kids in your own life! But severe hunger has stolen more than just their health. It has also stolen their hope for a future.

If something doesn’t change, many of these children will not live long enough to reach graduation. They might not even see the end of this year. If they do survive, they will suffer severe physical disabilities that will affect them for the rest of their lives.

But you can do something to stop that from happening.

Today, you can feed a starving child for an entire yearAll it takes is $40 to completely change the trajectory of one boy or girl’s life. That’s less than what most people spend on  groceries in a week!

When you help send food to a starving child, you don’t just feed that child’s body. You also fuel his ambitions and impact his future. Because of you, he can dream about becoming a lawyer, a pastor, a musician, or a farmer.

Right now, you can save a young person’s life — keeping him from suffering and giving him the chance at a future. No matter what he wishes to be, he will be healthy because of your gift.

Will you feed one hungry boy or girl for a year — for only $40?

That’s one year of nutritious food and improved health. It’s a simple, one-time gift that will save a life and make an incredible impact.


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