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Jun 18, 2015

Just weeks after two devastating quakes killed over 8,500 people, Nepal is barely mentioned in the headlines, and most aid organizations have left or are packing up.

But for the 8 million men, women, and children whose lives have been utterly destroyed, the crisis is only just beginning.

Nepal recovery - World Help

Homes, schools, churches, and places of work have been leveled to the ground. Wells have been buried. Roads are still blocked. Multitudes are still living under tents . . . and the rainy season is only weeks away.

It is now—as the Nepali people are fading from public memory—that the backbreaking work of rebuilding a nation must begin.

For the next several days, our international development team will be reporting live from ground zero in earthquake-ravaged Nepal.

We’ve been working with these villages since 1997 to build churches, wells, and child sponsorship programs. These people are our family. We cannot forget them in their greatest hour of need.

Nepal aid and relief - World Help

Today, and in the weeks, months, and years to come, World Help stands committed to walk alongside the Nepali people to rebuild what the earthquakes have destroyed . . . one prayer, one brick, one community at a time.

Subscribe now to receive daily updates from World Help President Vernon Brewer and the team, as we work to bring help for today and hope for tomorrow to the Nepali people.

There’s no better way to see how your gifts, prayers, and support are making an incredible difference.


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