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For Ferdinand, one Bible study led to a lifetime of hope

  • February 26, 2021
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Vernon Brewer

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In Matthew 19:14, Christ says, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them …”

When our partners in Burundi first met Ferdinand, he didn’t know that verse … or any verses for that matter. Ferdinand had no idea that Jesus loves him and died on the cross for him.

You see, Ferdinand never knew his father, his mother was severely disabled, and his family survived on the little money his grandmother made from begging. So, when our partner invited him to a Bible study, Ferdinand was somewhat hesitant … but he went anyway.

There, Ferdinand learned that Jesus loves ALL people and wants everyone to know Him. Eager to learn more, he has attended Bible study ever since. Plus, he now has a Bible of his own donated by Bibles for All Ambassadors!

“His life has been transformed by the Word of God,” the leader of the Bible study said.

But Ferdinand isn’t the only one whose life has been impacted.

Ferdinand began sharing what he was learning from the Bible with his family. And his little sister soon wanted to know more about Jesus, too. She’s now attending her own Bible study class for younger kids.

It’s incredible to see the impact one Bible can have on many lives.

But in Bible deserts — places where God’s Word is illegal or hard to find — many people have never experienced its power.

“In our rural communities and remote areas, Bibles are rare to get,” our Burundi partner said. “And because of a lack of money, many suffer to get them.”

By becoming a Bibles for All Ambassador, you can help send God’s Word to Bible deserts every month.

Your monthly gift will send copies of the Scripture to places like Burundi, Iran, China, North Korea, and Guatemala. And since Bibles are often shared with family and friends, each copy you provide will likely impact many people.

Like Ferdinand, many people have never even heard the Gospel before. Others are begging and constantly praying for their own copy of God’s Word.

You can be the answer to those prayers today. Click the button below to get started.

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