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Fox Radio: Listen as Vernon Brewer discusses North Korea

Blog Team
Aug 16, 2017

Vernon Brewer discusses North Korea

by Fox News

Fear gripped the hearts of many Americans when news broke that North Korea has nuclear missiles that can reach the United States. The threat of nuclear war seems more pressing every day, making it easy to forget that Christians in North Korea already are suffering daily under the world’s most oppressive regime.

Vernon Brewer, World Help founder and president, recently went on Fox News Radio to discuss this issue and what Americans can do to help. Vernon’s account of his time in North Korea shows the tremendous risk that Christians take to practice their faith there. They face intense persecution just for believing in Jesus … or for owning a Bible.

But North Korean Christians are choosing hope over fear.

Even though owning a Bible can be a death sentence, these Christians are desperate for the Gospel. They are willing to assume the risk, just to grow closer in their relationship with Christ.

But they need your help.

You can smuggle a Bible into the hands of one persecuted North Korean Christian for just $10.

In these dark and desperate times, only God’s Word has the power to bring hope. Please support North Korean Christians by giving Bibles, and don’t forget to pray for them as the situation in North Korea becomes more volatile.


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