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Front Line donors respond to crises — even those that don’t make headlines


I don’t know about you, but I haven’t seen much mention of Sri Lanka on social media or in the evening news lately. You’d think the fact that this small South Asian country is experiencing its worst economic crisis ever would make the headlines … but it’s rarely mentioned.

The men, women, and children of Sri Lanka are struggling to survive, and it seems the world hasn’t even noticed.

That’s why Front Line donors are so important. When Front Line donors give monthly, their gifts rush in to help people who need it most, even if the media isn’t paying attention.

Impoverished families can often be overlooked — but your monthly gift will make sure they’re not forgotten

The situation in Sri Lanka is critical … here’s what’s going on.

Sri Lanka’s economic crisis has slowed down the import of goods, which means it’s getting harder for people in Sri Lanka to find essentials like fuel, medicine, and even food. And the effects of global inflation haven’t helped. Recently, the cost of food rose 57% in Sri Lanka!

It’s no wonder that impoverished families who were already struggling to make ends meet are now at a crossroads. Some have sold their furniture and other household items just to afford the higher cost of living. Others have watched their children faint from hunger and malnutrition during church services.

“Due to the present situation in the country, five to seven children faint during morning assembly as these children have not had any food,” one of our partners said.

But the devastation doesn’t stop there.

As a Front Line donor, you’ll rush essentials like emergency food and other aid to men, women, and children who need them most

Homes and businesses lack the oil to keep their generators running, so communities throughout the nation are experiencing blackouts that last for hours at a time. Our partners said that hospitals are even postponing surgeries because they don’t have enough medicine.

The country is in such tremendous turmoil that the president has fled to escape the chaos.

The good news is that thanks to Front Line donors — people who give monthly to meet some of the world’s most urgent needs — help is on its way to Sri Lanka!

Front Line Donors are also helping to rush food to starving families in Venezuela, bring water to drought-impacted communities in central Africa, support refugees fleeing war in Eastern Europe, send Bibles to persecuted Christians in places like North Korea, and so much more.

You’ll be among the first to respond in times of crisis

By becoming a Front Line donor yourself, you can make sure that lifesaving aid continues to make it to Sri Lanka and other places where hurting people are being overlooked. You can provide food for a starving child, shelter for a family who just lost their home to a natural disaster, or emergency relief for a refugee running for his life.

No matter the crisis, your gift will be among the first on the front lines, ready to provide lifesaving aid like food, clean water, medical care, clothing, shelter, God’s Word, and more.

And that’s not even the best part.

When you choose to give, your monthly donations will DOUBLE up to $110,000 during your first year of giving, thanks to a matching gift.

And since your tax-deductible gifts will be automatic, you don’t have to worry about missing one. You can have peace of mind knowing you’re being the hands and feet of Jesus all year-round.

Please join the Front Line today to make sure people receive help and hope when they need it most.


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