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Your gift for North Korea Bibles DOUBLES!

Vernon Brewer
Nov 03, 2017

I want to share with you an incredible need to send Bibles to Christians facing harsh persecution in North Korea.

And when you send your gift today, you will DOUBLE your impact! Your gift of $10 will be matched to print and send two Bibles to North Korea.

Last month, I shared with you that I’ve committed to sending 50,000 Bibles to North Korea by the end of the year. So far we’ve provided 5,838 Bibles — but we still need to send 44,162 by Dec. 31 to meet the goal! I hope you’ll give today, right now, because the demand for Bibles is more than our current supply.

When you give a Bible, you will be giving hope to a persecuted believer like Jang-mi … a woman who risked everything to share the Gospel. I’ve changed her name to protect her family.

The punishment for being a Christian and owning a Bible in North Korea is ruthless. It’s hard to even fathom. But despite the brutality they face, North Korean Christians like Jang-mi are willing to risk everything to own a copy of God’s Word.


After Jang-mi was arrested, she experienced such horrific torture that she eventually fell unconscious. The pain … unimaginable. After some time, she awoke only because cold water was thrown in her face. Even in these severe circumstances, she began witnessing to her torturer!

Can you imagine? 

Believers like Jang-mi are tortured every day for their faith. All they want after enduring such pain is the peace that can come only from God’s Word.

Despite the risks our brothers and sisters in North Korea face, the demand for Bibles is incredible. They simply don’t have enough Bibles right now. Your help is urgently needed!

Your gift today will be DOUBLED — $10 provides TWO Bibles to persecuted believers like Jang-mi. Additionally, your gift provides other life-changing help for persecuted believers and other people in need around the world.

I truly believe God is calling us to encourage the believers of North Korea by sending 50,000 Bibles before the year is over. North Korean Christians are willing to do whatever it takes to tell people about Jesus. Jang-mi risked her life to share God’s Word … and she’s not the only one.

Despite the threat of horrible treatment, the number of Christians in North Korea continues to increase. However, it’s almost impossible for these new believers to get their hands on a Bible in order to grow in their faith.

Both Christians and seekers know that having a Bible is dangerous. But they’re willing to risk everything — even torture and death — to learn more about Jesus Christ.

And today, you can smuggle TWO copies of God’s Word to North Korea believers through our matching gift — all it takes is $10!

There’s never been a greater time to send Bibles to North Korean Christians and seekers. Please respond today. Let’s flood North Korea with the Gospel by sending 50,000 Bibles by Dec. 31! You can bring light to one of the most spiritually dark places on earth. You can send Bibles for just $10 — and your gift will be doubled!

Will you send Bibles to Christians suffering persecution in the most oppressive country in the world?


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