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Gifts under $30 that keep on giving

Kelsey Campbell
Nov 05, 2019

Want to give gifts this holiday season that will really go the distance? These handpicked items from our World Help Christmas Giving catalog stretch far beyond the $30 or less price tag to help more people than you might realize.

Here are four gifts under $30 that will transform people’s lives both physically and spiritually:

Lifesaving supplies: Your gift multiplies 33X

Providing urgent care in emergency situations can mean the difference between life and death for individuals facing dire circumstances. Right now, we have supplies in our warehouse waiting to be sent to people who are desperate for them, but we need YOUR help to cover the shipping costs.

Every dollar you give this holiday season ships $33 worth of emergency food, blankets, hygiene kits, water, medical equipment, and other essentials to people like victims of a natural disaster or families living in poverty. So a $30 gift turns into $990 worth of aid! Think of how many lives you could help save this Christmas!


Chickens: Provide food and income

One chicken can lay up to 200 eggs in one year. So you’ll completely transform the life of an impoverished family who has no food and no income when you give chickens for $22. Not only do they provide eggs and meat, but their waste can be used as fertilizer to stimulate growth in gardens.

Your gift of chickens will provide a second chance for a family who used to have nothing. You will give them a self-sustaining way to put food on their table and give them a reliable source of income.


Clean water: Rescue someone from deadly disease

A 24-pack of bottled water costs around $10. And if that was all the water you had access to, that wouldn’t even last you a month. But you can provide an entire year’s worth of water for someone in need — for just $15!

Clean water makes an incredible difference for a person living in poverty. It keeps children from becoming dehydrated and sick from deadly waterborne diseases. It allows parents to irrigate their gardens and grow healthy crops for their families. And it allows people to spend more time in the classroom or at work instead of traveling to distant rivers and streams for water.  Your gift of clean water this holiday season will ensure one person can live a healthier life for 365 days.


North Korean Bibles: Each Bible shared up to 5 times

There’s no greater gift you can give than a copy of the Word of God. And few people need the Scriptures more than North Koreans. Because of the persecution and isolation they face, many believers and seekers living in this closed country will never hold a copy of the Bible in their hands.

But for $10 you can provide a North Korean with a Bible in his own language. And since believers are likely to share their copy with family and friends, one Bible can go on to impact at least five people.


This holiday season, your $30 or less can go a long way to transform lives around the world. So why not start your Christmas shopping with World Help this year?

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