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Education & Sustainability

Church Planting Suggested gift: $25
Bibles for Iraqi Refugees Suggested gift: $250
Children's Bible Storybook Suggested gift: $10
Freedom From The Sex Industry Suggested gift: $120
Church Planting Suggested gift: $1000
Refugee Church Planter Training Suggested gift: $700
Safe Motherhood Suggested gift: $100
Welding Equipment $225
Water Buffalo $1500
Chickens $22
Books for Kids $5
Goats $100
Rabbits $20
Fruit Trees Suggested gift: $30
Bibles $5
Bicycles $100
Dairy Cows $1000
Sewing Machines $175
School Uniforms $22
Vocational School Scholarships Suggested gift: $300
Digital Bibles $20
Help Distribute God's Word Suggested gift: $5
Livestock Bundle $3000
Sheep $120
Pigs $200
Beehives $160
Hair-Styling Tools $150
Sports Equipment Suggested gift: $100
School Supplies Suggested gift: $40
Seeds $25
Safe Motherhood Tool Kits $165

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