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Help transform a remote village in Peru

Vernon Brewer
Jul 25, 2018

I just got back from Peru, where I traveled along the Amazon River with pastors who are passionate about changing this area of the world with the Gospel. We visited villages that are only accessible by boat — where clean water and adequate medical care are almost unheard of.

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But what broke my heart the most was there were very few churches. And because of that, so many people in these remote communities have never heard about the love of Jesus. For centuries, they’ve put their faith in pagan religions and witch doctors. But you can help them learn the Truth. You can help completely transform a village in Peru — both physically and spiritually.

We’ve identified several villages that desperately need our help. Your support will provide clean-water wells, renovated school buildings, church buildings, and other urgent needs in these communities.

I’m extremely excited about the construction of church buildings. These churches — located in some of the most remote places of Peru — will allow local church planters to expand their ministries and spread God’s Word up and down the Amazon River.

But this spiritual development can’t take place if the people of Peru don’t have their immediate, physical needs met first. We have to give them help for today before we can introduce them to hope for tomorrow.

Many of these tribal communities have no clean water sources. The people we met have to gather water from the Amazon, which becomes especially dirty as the water level sinks during the dry season. And when kids get sick, they lack access to medical care. Many die from sicknesses that would easily be healed with basic medicines.

That’s why — with your help — I’m determined to make sure every one of these villages gets the physical help they need and the opportunity to hear the Gospel.

You’ll also help improve school buildings and construct new classrooms for students who right now are studying in cramped and unsafe conditions. I visited a few of these schools, and they were literally falling apart. Paint was chipping off the walls, and the plaster around the bottom of the building was crumbling.

By helping make these repairs, you’ll be giving kids a place where they can study and learn. And I’ve seen throughout the years how education is the key out of poverty.

Will you help transform a remote village in Peru and share the Good News of Jesus Christ?

Please prayerfully consider presenting this opportunity to your church, your friends, or an organization that may be interested in helping transform a village … and impacting countless lives.

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